World League 2011 Final Eight Highlights (2nd movie)

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Title of song: Immediate Music - Electric Romeo (Choir)
Men World League 2011
World League 2011
Date: 27.05.2011 - 10.07.2011
Final Classification:
1. Russia 2. Brazil
3. Poland 4. Argentina
5. Bulgaria 6. Italy
7. USA 8. Cuba
9. Serbia 10. Finland
11. Germany 12. France
13. South Korea 14. Portugal
15. Japan 16. Puerto Rico
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jernej94 SI 6 years ago 0
Thank you
jb702 US 6 years ago 0
that was epic
maslanka PL 7 years ago 0
awesome !!! reminds me the time what i spent in the arena ergo _love it !!!
Berny SK 7 years ago +1
OMG awesome!
jernej94 SI 7 years ago 0
Hehe, thanks AlenNickel
AleNickel RO 7 years ago +2
since I've been gone, so many vids were made and as usual, another great video from Jernej! I enjoyed watching this a lot, wish that one day I'll see Romania there, too
jernej94 SI 7 years ago +1
Thanks guys!
dyingflutsman NL 7 years ago +1
What a great vid! Even tho' there's a lot of Argentina in it, I loved it!!
NightFox BG 7 years ago +1
Already one of my favourite movies - Congrats
Andrut PL 7 years ago 0
Jernej, how to find this movie on youtube? I want to download it and send to my phone
hanes233 EE 7 years ago +1
But, it is propper to use 1 only is you hate the movie and you know very well that some people just terrorise others on this site, with- and the worst is 1 You are right about personal opinion, but that is not his opinion, that is to be a dickhead or it was an accident.
jernej94 SI 7 years ago 0
Hanes: Every person has a right to his own opinion, if he does not like the movie the then he doesn't.
hanes233 EE 7 years ago 0
Someone has rated this movie with 1 or 2, that is a crime! I would ban such a hooligan!
hanes233 EE 7 years ago +1
I have heard that too on discovery channel and there is alot of cool things about humans, like 3 times the power when on adrenalin
jernej94 SI 7 years ago +1
Well it's true, once the adrenaline starts pumping, and you're determine to do something, no pain can stop you
Rachel BR 7 years ago +4
Too bad I can give you just one "plus" to your comment, it's just great, thanks for sharing such a nice thing...comments like this only make me love even more our favorite sport...
sebasiatka PL 7 years ago +1
kapitalny filmik!!!
oby takich wiecej
jernej94 SI 7 years ago +15
Thanks Rachel, and yes I believe they do, and I speak from personal experience. Before the Final4 of the youth national championships I didn't believe I will be even able to play, because at some points the pain was so bad that I couldn't even walk. And the coach didn't put me in the starting six because he didn't want to risk my career, but when the opositions took a quick 6-0 lead and when he asked me "Can you play?", I felt no pain anymore and the only thing I could say was "HELL YEAH!". And thru both matches I actually felt no pain, because the only things that were on my mind were: Play good, help your team, win, get a medal! And after the last poing in the final match I just collapsed on the court because I couldn't even stand on my leg anymore, but I wasn't dissapointed or sad or anything, I was proud and happy, because I helped my team achieve the goal we set for ourselves before the start of the season, and to celebrate the silver medal with the best teammates in the world, was the best feeling I've ever felt, and there was no pain that could come in between of that!
Jassasfa SA 7 years ago +1
Amazing man I really like it I hope I can do great movie like yours

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