Volleyball mistakes

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Title of song: Weird Al Yankovic - I can't watch this
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hanes233 EE 5 years ago 0
0.27 Best serve
Joanna994 PL 5 years ago 0
can`t stop laughing at 0:12, 0:25 (trentino is a great team but they make lots of dumm mistakes sometimes ;d )
Asia6 PL 6 years ago 0
funny video
This is good for a bad mood
EdoKaglie IT 6 years ago 0
Funny video ... appropriate music!
fabi3 AT 6 years ago 0
great music hahah
samueleke BE 6 years ago 0
fadel BH 6 years ago +1
great video
Nagor PL 7 years ago 0
a ja się z nim zgadzam, koleś przechodzącą piłkę wywalił w aut... po swojej stronie boiska...
Roninho PL 7 years ago +4
deathvader where is your brain?
deathvader666 PL 7 years ago 0
where is Nowakowski from match Poland-Cuba on Grand Champion 2009?
Oli4 BE 7 years ago +2
I watched in a 100 times to and for me the best stays Nikolov haha! xd
ross925 IT 7 years ago 0
Even after watching it so many times I'm still laughing!!! the best scene is 2:22
esin PL 7 years ago 0
haha..:] super..
ilinykh RU 7 years ago 0
haha good )
some of these situations really make laugh )))
Andrut PL 7 years ago +4
Look at Stoytchev's reaction at 0:24 and now imagine what would Resende do seeing that kind of mistake made by his players with this score
Kk15 IT 7 years ago +1
Really nice!
in the second action (the two bulgarian players looking the ball and standing still waiting for the other one to take the ball!) Nikolov got really mad!!XD
And at 0:51 Stokr couldn't get the ball because he felt pain in the ankle (but yes, probably he was a little bit goofy and the result was the problem at the ankle!).
Kurek serve on the roof makes me laughing every time!XD
scorpio111888 PL 7 years ago 0
Nikolov wymiata haha
qsek PL 7 years ago 0
Oli4 BE 7 years ago 0
Funny video, but you forgot one of the funniest situations

Sebastian13Sw UA 7 years ago +2
HAHA Nikolov!

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