I think if you love volleyball you should watch this movie. All of the replays are in slow motion from different tournaments. That's also motivational movie with Al Pacino's Inspirational Speech. I had hope that you like this, Thanks for support. Cheers :) added 20:18 27/06/2015 in Other, place 2533/13095
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Title of song: Hans Zimmer - Time (Melokind Remix)
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zver PL 3 years ago
I love it, great video like always
Wilfredo_is_Marshall RS 3 years ago
I love that you added in the motivational speech part. Also, it's a great movie, but these are all mostly the same actions from your previous movies (mostly from your popular movies: http://www.volleyball-movies.net/volleyball-feel-the-love-m9039, http://www.volleyball-movies.net/world-championships-2014-highlights-4th-movie-m10264). This movie is cool as well, but I just wish it showed more current stuff like from the current World League going on. I feel like most of the movie makers on this site just use all the same actions, but all they do is change the order, change the music, and add more or less effects to the movie. It was nice at first, but after a while on this site, all the movies are slowly becoming more and more similar. You know what I mean? I still like this movie (and I love all your other movies), but I just wanted to give you some food for thought for next time (it's a saying )

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vtnklmdc PL 3 years ago
Yeah I know what you mean, but look at other movies created by other movie creators, they using only old materials and a lot of time that's my materials. I alaways try to get a new matches, new repalyas but it's not easy. And also to this movie I was have restricted access, becouse slow motion replays was only at: Olympics 2012, World Championships 2014, World League 2011, European Championships 2013. So please find me more materials and make the same movie with other materials. I will seat before my computer with the beer in hand I will be glad that I can watch this. And I gives you 100 percent sure that no one except me has given much more materials and films about volleyball to this site and to the net than me.
Only to project "Volleyball Something more than sport" I saw over 500 matches. I spent over 240 hours watching this. So right now I wait for your movie with some new materials and I had hope that's my beer during watch your video will be taste delicious
Wilfredo_is_Marshall RS 3 years ago
@vtnklmdc: when my movie comes out I will let you know!

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przemek16 PL 3 years ago
Absolutely great video!!!!

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vtnklmdc London, Poland I'm 26 years old volleyball fan from Poland, right now I live in London. In my free time I always try to find some time for my hobby, to make some new movies. Hope that you enjoy my work, more info about me you can find on my facebook page, cheers.

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