Date: 01.08.1980
Place: "Druzhba Multipurpose Arena", Moscow (RUS)
Match: USSR - Bulgaria 3:1 (Final)
Kind of tournament: The Olympics 1980
Commentary: Russian

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coolrunninglml GD 6 years ago
I love this classic Raylight...I think I'll get this one for my kids to watch for them to see how the game has evolved...
NightFox BG 6 years ago
And Dimitar Zlatanov looks like Hristo Zlatanov lol
hanes233 EE 6 years ago
I agree with kordian, he is quite simular to him if you look at his face

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kordian_85 PL 6 years ago
hmm nr 8 from Bulgaria team .... looks like Matey Kaziyski ????
vane PH 6 years ago
now that is classic!
oh the side-out scoring and they own the huge court! plus, the game was shot in nice angle.
thanks for sharing!
Rachel BR 6 years ago
Just fantastic!!! Thank you very very much for this, raylight...I wanted to watch this final for a long time, I'm a big fan of old olympic matches.
And finally I could see Zlatanov's dad on court, very interesting...
It's worth watching until the end and see the decoration cerimony as well...
Since I'm a real volleyball fan, you made my day too...
raylight BG 6 years ago
I am glad that you like it ) I will contunue searching for such matches even though one of the wells is drowned since megaupload closed
NightFox BG 6 years ago
Thank you. Lol I've never so different serves in one match.
hanes233 EE 6 years ago
0.43, This guy is Estonian if Im not mistaken, his name is Viljar Loor, most successful player ever from Estonia, his playing style was smart and accurate, not powerful.

It is so nice to watch old school voleyball, it looks so different from nowdays, alot of sets, plays and hits that we see rarely now

Joel, you are right, the space is huge!
HCLT BR 6 years ago
What a fantastic surprise!

Raylight, I must say THANK YOU in capital letters, you made my day. I don’t care about rating movies, but if I could I’d give you not only 5, but 50. Real vball fans should appreciate this movie, it’s historical – I’ve been looking for this match for ages. That Soviet team made history remaining unbeaten for five years (from 1977 to 1982) – yes, back then NTs played much less games, but it’s still impressive. The Soviet squad was led by coach Viacheslav Platonov, considered one of the best ever.

Here we can see legends like Zaitsev (jersey #2) and Savin (#3) playing for USSR. On the Bulgarian side, fans should pay attention to Zlatanov (#3) in his third and final Olympic appearance, finally getting a well-deserved Olympic medal he got so close eight years before in Munich 1972. Those guys deserve a lot of respect for what they brought us. Although we can see only the end of third set and the fourth of this match, it’s still a fantastic gift.

For those interested in vball history, 1980 Moscow Olympics marked the end of Eastern European dominance in this sport. Notice the semis had four Eastern European teams (USSR, Bulgaria, Romania and Poland). In the early eighties things started to change.

If you have more Moscow Olympics matches, Raylight, please share with us.

Thanks once more.

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Joel2718 CA 6 years ago
look at how much room they have outside the court. I love this . Too many plays today are broken because the ball goes over the barrier or something, and they want to make more room for more people to watch.


raylight Sofia, Bulgaria

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