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@Qyss: I think Verhanneman goes from Molfetta to Knack Roeselare, not otherwise ;)
Van den Dries, Van Walle and Tuerlinckx have all equal chances to be in the starting six I think.
+ Hendrik Tuerlinckx = MVP of competition and play-offs in Belgian competition, elected as best player of this season, champion and cup winner with Knack Roeselare

+ Stijn Dejonckheere elected as best reciever in Belgian competition (passed this season 69,69 % perfectly)

+ Gert Van Walle = champion in Serie A2

And about Sam Deroo: he is elected by all the coaches and captains of every team in Serie A1 as best young player in the Italian competition.

I think there's potential in this group.
Because Wijsmans changed his nationality to Italian few years ago.
Bulgarian patriottic guy with huge interest for Bulgarian NT players and Trentino volley.
All the players he likes, are gods for him. The other players are just the "plebs".
The only guy who wants Kaziyski as president of Bulgaria and Zhekov as prime minister.
That Todor is a genius!
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Great "research", you must have had a lot of time to calculate all this averages, maximums and minimums (or putting the numbers in Excel). Just interesting to read, nothing more. Only interesting for volleyball freaks ;-).
Champions League some years ago: Roeselare - Belgorod: 40-42.

No, I don't work for Roeselare. I read the transfer of Jago in an article of a newspaper on the internet (nieuwsblad.be I think).
Eerik Jago from Milan (ITA, A2) to Knack Roeselare.
Ryan Ammerman to Knack Roeselare.
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Jezus, it just like to choose between real Coca-Cola and some cheap cola with ice in it. The most choose the cola with the ice, because it's "fresh and cold", but the real guys know that the real stuff is Coca-Cola :-). (great comparison if you ask me)
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Nightfox, have you noticed how many replays there are in whole the match? 1/50? Why making "a best of" of the replays instead of the best actions of the match with a normal camera angle and per action reception/set/attack included?
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Sorry, but I don't like such "tributes". I'm here to watch volleyball movies where you can see the whole team play. Volleyball is a sport with 6 players and that's so great about volleyball: every aspect of volleyball (setting, serving, reception, attack,...) are putted together as a whole. And that's so special about watching and playing volleyball.

Don't get me wrong, the movie itself is great: the good music fits the movie very well.

What I'm trying to say is that most of the movies here are just super-slo-mo or flashes of attacks of one guy. Slow motion of an attacking player is interesting (the way how he smashes the ball, the height of his jump,...), but it contributes nothing to the game of volleyball itself. It's just a player attacking. Such movies is more about idolization then volleyball. I have nothing against idolization (I also like some players: De Cecco, Wijsmans, Depestele and Schöps are my favorite players), but personally I like to watch my favorite player in a movie when he is playing a match, and that means serving, attacking, setting and so on. Not only attacks and slow motions. Take for example the last movie of Luciano De Cecco in match Argentina-Japan: I personally like this movie a lot, because you can see every aspect of the game and the camera is behind the court. With this angle, you can see everything: how fast the set goes, how high he jumps, every attack threat of all the attackers,...

Also music is not necesarry for me. The only music I like in volleyball movies is the sound of the ball hitting the floor :-).

I say it again: I have nothing against you personally, Sllaveq, but I have another opinion about volleyball movies.
Lokomotiv Novosibirsk has won the cup. Does this mean that they play Champions League next year?
@ Sllaveq: Noliko respect their opponent, it's just mental training for winning the match. It's nothing personal against Sofia!

13.12.2011 18:00 VK České Budějovice – Generali Unterhaching 1-3
13.12.2011 19:30 Fenerbahce Istanbul – Lokomotiv Novosibirsk 3-2
13.12.2011 20:00 Stade Poitevin – Bre Banca Cuneo 1-3
13.12.2011 20:30 Noliko Maaseik – CSKA Sofia 3-0

14.12.2011 18:00 Skra Bełchatów – ACH Volley Ljubljana 3-0
14.12.2011 18:00 Zenit Kazan – Euphony Asse-Lennik 3-0
14.12.2011 20:00 VfB Friedrichshafen – Remat Zalau 3-0
14.12.2011 20:00 Iraklis Thessaloniki – Arkas Spor Izmir 2-3
14.12.2011 20:15 CAI Teruel – OK Partizan Belgrade 3-1
14.12.2011 20:30 Trentino Volley – Kędzierzyn-Koźle 3-0

15.12.2011 18:00 Budvanska Rivijera Budva – Tours VB 1-3
15.12.2011 20:15 Hypo Tirol Innsbruck – Lube Banca Macerata 0-3
Heynen uses that doll for mental training for his players. He is a trainer with special tactics, especially on mental coaching. Even the great football trainers in Belgium aren't used to this form of mental coaching. Last year, the goal of Noliko was getting into the Final Four of the Champions League (and they almost did it). Heynen printed every picture on the internet associated with the Final Four and putted it up in the changing rooms.

Strangely, Noliko has filmed this training and uploaded it on youtube. Big mistake in my eyes.

If some Bulgarian fans are offended: don't bother it. It will be a great match between the champions of Belgium and Bulgaria.
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