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How do you squat?NewsNews23.06.2012
Vetical jump, bone density, ligament health and pure strength/power are important issue in volleyball. I watched clip about training in Australia and I saw the do quarter squats an…
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Describe volleyball players with three words:NewsNews29.04.2012
Ok, let us see can volleyball players be described with three words I will start with players from Bulgarian NT, you can continue with the same or other players, whomever you like…
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Doug Beal for president of FIVBNewsNews18.02.2012
This legendary coach is the official nominee of USA committee for FIVB President. I think that kicking out the guy who is right now there is essential for promoting volleyball on i…
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Is Matey Kaziyski second class player?NewsNews03.12.2011
Crazy guy from Brazil defends such thesis. He says that with Giba, Murilo and Dante Matey would be fourth choice because of bad reception and block. What do you think? STOP THIS …
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Matey Kaziyski in ECH 2011NewsNews12.10.2011
Does someone want to make a movie for Matey Kaziyski from this tournament? This was his best performance so far, with reception, spike, serve
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