Lives in Sofia, Bulgaria  Born on 06.08.1982
I'm 36 years old volleyball fan from Bulgaria who joined Volleyball-Movies.net 8 years ago.
It is Bulgaria - Belgium actually
Since 2007 he has won an average of 2.5 trophies per year and has appeared on 3 finals per year
A great thriller game!
Very clever player, may be the third in that list after Matey Kaziyski and Vladimir Nikolov /and Plamen Konstantinov, but he doesn't play anymore/ for Bulgaria
Bulgaria - Poland (SET5) 3 years ago +1
Poland made quite an impression with this match, very well prepared players on all elements, no weak sides
@Black_Magic: Simon doesn't agree
For some reason I can't see the chat, so I will write it herw: I just uploaded the fifth set between Bulgaria and Poland from today - semifinal from Baku 4th consecutive match between the two teams to end in tiebreak
Uchikov with 20 pts was best scorer of the match together with Leon
@Wilfredo_is_Marshall: He is good at serving too. Needs more precisions on 2 and 4, though
@xandreopoulos: I think we should see more opposites to do that, for example Wlazly and Sokolov are well suited for pipes
@xandreopoulos: There is always someone voting negatively on any video related to Trentino, Stoychev and Kaziyski, independant of the quality both of the video and the action. How do you explain that?
I really like Grozer's!
Again negative vote - some people need treatment
@zver: If you give me better quality match I will be glad to reupload it
@xandreopoulos: Dinamo lost today and won the golden set. Birarelli with 10 blocks, Kaziyski with 25 serves and 3 aces! Lanza this time played strong game too.
Sidão (2nd movie) 3 years ago 0
Good player, but I prefer Riad and I think he should be next to Lucao
Emanuel Kohut played very strong game and made it hard for Trentino to close with 33:31
Neither Leon, nor Juantorena should play for other NT but Cuba. National teams are not club teams. Only a player trained from youth by some club in the country should be eligible for participation. This is cheating.
I exptected the win of Resovia because of the form of the german opposite and the way Resovia beat Novosibirsk
You shoild edit the description - Matey Kaziyski scored 19 serves with 1 error and 8 aces! /and 11 reception errors unlike previous matches/

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