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I'm 22 years old volleyball fan from Estonia who joined Volleyball-Movies.net 7 years ago.
I think there was some topic about the longest sets and matches in volleyball on this page but I don't remember where exactly, mabie someone knows.
Great movie, Champions league was very exciting this year, alot of great plays
389 actually, check the description in youtube or volleywood.
Amazing final, Tetyukhin was a beast, he serves and hits harder than most 22 year olds, he totally deserved the MVP. It was nice to see Kaziyski receiving so well during the final 4, his reception literally carried the teams reception, he had also great defence, he showed real character in important moments, he finished lots of important balls, Djuric was also good, Osmany had a bad day, Rapha was good, Muserskiys block was often too hard to handle for the middles and Osmany, Grozer was great. It was a fun final to watch.
My predictions are 1. Belgorod 2. Halkbank 3. Zenit 4. Jastrebski
@Wilfredo_is_Marshall: Yes it was not, but how the players behaved was just awful, so the point in this video is that a referee gave a bad red card and players can behave like animals and be disrespectful? Looks like u got the point...
Why do you upload this? Referees are human too you know, change the title atleast, that is so offensive against the referees, like the liberos had no fault in this...
Look at that, 9 out of 10 of these recors have been done in Korea, Japan or China :D
Wow, Perugia 2nd, what a nice surprise Didn't expect Trento and Macherata to be 3rd tho
Best highlights in a long time!
Raylight being in a Stronger pool for a team like Bulgaria is good, imagine if you would have a very weak pool, you would be the only strong one and win the pool with no effort, while I taly is in the hard pool and is working hard to win, than you meet and guess what who loses, the one with the weak pool, becouse of the bad preparation against strong teams. I have my own experiance with this kind of situation.
But on the bright side both Italy and Bulgaria have developed into TEAMS, before Kaziyski left the NT Bulgaria just looked like Kaziyski vs the world, its a miracle how they got so far with this kind of "system", I guess Kaziyski got used to it Before the Olympics Italy was a little lost in my opinion, they had a great team, but it didn't function the right way, but now they worked like oiled. If they had a setter like Bruno than Russia and Brazil might have a really hard time beating them, (not that they are doing it easely now)
Awesome movie, I like that your movies are built up in their own way, not just random actions. I like the Italian and Bulgarian solos if I may say so, thats cool
@volley123: I agree with you completely, but I have one question, what do you mean by:Imagine now, what Halkbank would do if Djuric could be injured? Drama.
Why is he so important for Halkbank, he isn't a real opposite, better than Subasi I think, but Halkbank needs a better opposite. Halkbank isn't very hard to play agains't becouse you know what they are going to do, right now thwy are so predictable, their attack depends almost completely on two players, Kaziyski and Juantorena, both attack from position 4, so it isn't rocket science for the opposite teams MBs to know where the set goes, espetially when the score is tight, Rapha is in a difficult situation, he dosn't have anywhere else to set, but his start of the season hasn't been very good, his sets are predictable and unaccurate compared to last seasons, well he had his finger injury, mabie he will improve once again. If Halkbank would face last seasons Trentino they would have NO chance, mabie if everyone have a bad day in Trento.
@HCLT: Wlazly is still a world class opposite man, how can you deny that? There are only about 5 guys who are better than him, he is not as good as he use to, but he is still world class as far as I see. He is atleast the best opposite that Poland has right now.
@HCLT: Hey don't you think you are exaggerating a little bit about me... 1. Im 17 2. I wrote that shit 2 years ago so it dosn't mean that I still think so, and I wrote "in my opinion" 3. I didn't compare Murilo and Kubiak, I just made some references that they have some simularitys
So the true part of your comment remains quite small, Yes, I agree, I exaggerated about Kubiak.
@HCLT: I know that Spiridonov is really good, but I don't want to say anything good about him becouse his behaviour, if I could choose between Spiridonov and Skrimov, I would have no doubts abot who will I pick in my team, Skrimov becouse Spiridonov is an asshole who destroys sportsmanship and pisses on it, Im shure some people will agree with me. But still Kubiak is amazing and he would be in my top 3 of most complete players, he just needs to prove himself in the national team, like N'Gapeth, damn great player, his attack is better than most guys that are over 2 meters tall. I made up my mind, N'Gapeth is better, but not by much, he has proven himself in a stronger league and in NT too.
@HCLT: I know there are some really talented player his age, but I see thet Kubiak is a little better then them, mabie thats becouse I like him the most, but thats the way I see it. I forgot about N’gapeth, in my opinion he is about as good as Kubiak. As for Spiridonov, I don't like him one bit, just becouse he is an asshole and has no sportsman attitude. Lanza is great, also very complete, I like him, he is the future of Italian volleyball, I also really like Parodi, but after his injury he hasn't been the same, his reception and defence are still outstanding, he also has a solid serve and block. He would have defenetly been one of the best players in the world in my opinion. I haven't seen Lucarelli play alot, so I can't comment on that, but he seems to be a solid player. And HCLT, you can't argue that Murilo was THE most complete player in the world before his shoulder trouble.
@HCLT: Yeah, the biggest problem for Poland is the setter, Zygadlo can't be compared to the other setters of top teams, in my opinion Drzyzga would do better, I wish he had more experiance, than he would be more reliable.

I would defenetly use Zatorski as the libero, I have seen him play and he has been very impressive and he is getting even better fast, he developed alot in season 2012/2013 and he is only going to get better, Igla is getting old and I see that he is not that good any more compared to Zatorski.

Mozdonek isn't the MB that I would use in the starting six, I would use him for his serve and to make the block stronger when the setter is in the front row, Nowakowski is great, no bad words for him.

In my opinion Wlazly would be by far the best opposite that you have, atleast was, until the federation fucked everything up. I really don't get it why did SKRA use him as a wing-spiker... Atanasjevic is great, but why did they have 2 opposites this good. Bartman is out of option, Bociek can be unrealiable against top teams but who knows, mabie he has a good mentality, Jarosz is also okay, but not that killer opposite.

Kubiak is an absolutely amazing player, he is one of the most complete player now in the world I think. He is also very stable in my opinion, he has a great serve, his reception is one of the best in the world if you don't consider liberos, he can do some real damage in attack as this video shows , he is great in defence and last - he dosn't crash under preasure like the other polaco wing-spiker

Kurek is getting better, I think, he still can't deal with preasure well enough, but on the attack he is a hell of a player, he has no trouble scoring over 20 points in a match, but he just fails sometimes, he is not a great server (he has a good serve, but he makes way too many errors). His receiving is quite unstable, but he is also better than he was before, so Poland has a decent roster for the upcoming competitions.
This movie is amazing, looks like you put a lot of effort into this, very dynamic, I like that most of the time you show normal view, becouse it shows the real speed and power of the game, what it really looked like! I also like that you did those player "solos" they were cool Best movie in a long time
@Designinho: You are great :D
@Designinho: Estonian national team kit ! :D

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