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HCLT, Revan, are there any sources on the web that document this that I can read? A link would be nice :)
Giba's digs in OG final 2004 should both be in there. Although I don't think a replay exists, Sergio's dig at 2:19 in this movie (http://www.youtub...watch?v=zbkAF93qW5k) is the filthiest I've ever seen and should also be there.
@zver: I totally agree, his style is very similar!
Thanks guys. Downloadable either here http://bit.ly/14zDP23 (210MB)
or here http://bit.ly/13XmbcH for a smaller, mobile-friendly version (39MB)

Let me know if something goes wrong.
Last November, my team played Ural Ufa in the Challenge Cup, with Vissotto, Falasca and Spiridonov in the lineup. After the match, we met with Vissotto and Falasca for a few drinks. We asked what Spiridonov was really like. Sometimes when you ask someone how a person is like, they will say "he's a crazy guy, haha" like it's a joke. But they answered dead serious, "he's crazy."
Ingvild Sørdal (NOR) from Oslo Volley to Terville Florange Olympique Club (FRA)

Mathias Loftesnes (NOR) from Førde VBK to Euphony Asse-Lennik

Damn, this renders my version useless. Great work.
Thanks guys, appreciate the kind words. The song is Lost Kingdom by God is an Astronaut. Absolutely fantastic track!
Nice movie, cool song and mood! Love the ending without music.
Awesome! Cool editing and good choice of clips.
I made this video, thank you for adding it here! As for the selection of actions, I chose actions from the aesthetic quality of the images, not only how good the action was. I'm pretty happy with the result, and will consider making another one in the future.
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