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I'm 28 years old volleyball fan from Brazil who joined Volleyball-Movies.net 9 years ago.
World League 2013NewsNews08.02.2013
I heard from here that POL x BRA match at the National Stadium is confirmed. Did you heard something about that?
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GIBA's FarewellNewsNews26.07.2012
Hello guys and galz Whoever wins this O.G. competition, we all gonna see the last time GIBA will play for Brazil National Team, and I'm pretty sure that we all gonna miss him. For…
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about Wilfredo_is_Marshall.....NewsNews24.05.2012
" ...will Wilfredo_is_Marshall upload all videos in Youtube? Is he a machine of comment all movies as he can? Will he continue to Tumbs Up of everything? Will he be the top us…
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Change PHOTONewsNews14.01.2011
I suggest to change the photo of the Fan-Club. Try this one: http://3.bp.blogs...rasil-il-il-il-2.jpg
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BRA x BULNewsNews04.10.2010
After the so called "Match" between Brazil and Bulgária, does someone else has something to say or complain against us:?
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Best of....NewsNews28.09.2010
Type hear what do you think that Brazil has the best
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Post your commentNewsNews26.09.2010
Alright guys (and few girls), here you can post your comments freely. Any kind of comments about players, statistics, matches or wahtever else are accetable, except those with bad …
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