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I'm 25 years old volleyball fan from Bulgaria who joined Volleyball-Movies.net 8 years ago.
cuz he retired
@HCLT: Yes it's true about Mikhaylov, but in the moment I don't see better opposite than Tsvetan - I said that's my opinion and I don't want you to dispute about that with me ... I was never a "Matey freak" ... I was his fan and watching him playing for my country was such a pleasure.

P.S: It gets easier with the time
I think he passed Mikhaylov, but it's my opinion. Mikhaylov was my first choice before that too.
The best opposite in that moment.
old or new rules 5 years ago +1
25 p !
EuroVolley 2013 5 years ago 0
@danteamaral: nice :]
Monster spike ... I was thinking of uploading it too, but you are faster man . That's typical example how to play with confidence against triple block. What did the commentators said ?
top 10 aces - http://www.volley...mh-and-126-kmh-m7669 (the second one 126 km/h)

and http://www.youtub.../watch?v=Jg6fVywMhPU - one of my favourite spikes
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Really creative work again man, great job as always
EuroVolley 2013 5 years ago +2
The final will not be Italy - Russia
I agree with pearl 100% Rugby New Zealand haka is amazing but now as I watch this, I don't see it that way
@eRKa: haha 10x but Priddy will beat it, I''m sure . September let's attack top 1 it'll be nice for the other users . Hope that the other movie makers will join us too
Hard work, hard work everywhere eRKa is dominating the top 5 list as nobody ever did ;d
Nice work chirson, congrats.
Beautiful movie ! I see someone is really working in this site. Nice job eRKa.
You have all of the serbian hate after these words
Yes - Maxim and the rest were in the first movie, this one continues it. There will be third movie but not soon.
Fantastic job eRKa - 2 minutes masterpiece.
High level - well done.

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