Lives in Trenčín, Slovakia  Born on 26.10.1985
I'm 33 years old volleyball fan from Slovakia who joined Volleyball-Movies.net 7 years ago.
Thats my man :-)
always the best!
still my "love" :-) thanks for movie
Finally some good music hearing :-) ofc video is perfect
Lot of users are from Poland so its normal that Wlazly (ok he is now the best one) , Poland (ok they won WCH), and Antiga (ok he lead Poland to win gold medal) voted for Polish :-) but i dont blame anybody, because you Polish guys earned it really.
good leg defense. Thats all!
David Lee (4th movie) 3 years ago +1
Thanks for this movie :-)
1. USA 2. Poland 3. Brasil
have a nice break Matt, recover and come back soon to your passion :-) we love your style on Slovakia. Also my wife like you
Woman hurt bigger man 4 years ago 0
35 second wasting my time
I started up sir, and then info that movie is removed due copyright rights. Therefore i was pissed off. But now it seems ok :-)
World Championship 2014 4 years ago 0
cg Poland!
But I have to say for me the worst watchable volleyball ever. No normal broadcasting and also after match is uploaded is already deleted due to copyright stupid polish tv.
fuck on polish tv rights
fuck on polish tv rights
fuck on polish tv rights
fuck on polish tv rights
fuck on polish tv rights
World Championship 2014 4 years ago 0
Hello guys, yesterday great match POLxUSA.
I would like to ask you one thing. I noticed, that every online match has really bad quality and I always says, that after match somebody will upload here the full match with better quality, but that never happens :( always the same s.it quality. If somebody knows, can you explain me, what going on here? Some stupid battle about copyright law in Poland matches? Or is it something else? Thanks a lot guys. Have a nice moments with v-ball
NightFox nice one :-) i just love this particular action with Clay attacking :-) I watched it probably 100times :D

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