USA national team celebrate their triumphant gold medal victory over the USSR at the Seoul Olympic Games 1988. Classic materials showing enthusiasm, spontaneity and energy of fans and players in the past. USA national team, led by the peerless Karch Kiraly (he was spontaneous, impulsive and energetic), came through the group phase unbeaten despite being taken to five sets by Argentina (who eventually finished third after beating Brazil in a marathon third-place match that lasted 3 hour's and 10 minutes). In the final, after dropping the first set USA proved too powerful for the USSR, winning 3:1 (13:15, 15:10, 15:4, 15:8). In the movie you can see such players like: Vyacheslav Zaytsev (he finished his career in Italy, playing in Spoleto, Agrigento and Città di Castello, he has a son: Ivan's; was born on 2 October 1988 in Italy, where his father played for several years), Bob Ctvrtlik, Steve Timmons. The result of that game in the related movies. added 17:17 14/08/2011 in Matches, place 2001/13193
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Date: 2.10.1988
Place: Seoul (KOR)
Match: USA - USRR 3:1 (Final)
Kind of tournament: The Olympics 1988

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deathvader666 PL 7 years ago
...and now Big Russia come back
hanes233 EE 7 years ago
In 1980 Olimpics and some other competitions an Estonian named Viljar Loor played in Soviet team
Berny SK 7 years ago
totally agree Rachel great future for our generation
Rachel BR 7 years ago
Guys, the "rally ponctuation system" , sets of 25 points without the sideouts started in 1998, right after the WCH, but if I'm not wrong the italian league 98/99 was still disputed under the old was a great change for everyone, big discussions and drama on the begining but in the end FIVB proved to be right at least on this point (in my opinion).
proud BG 7 years ago
They didn't have names in the USSR?
Thanks for the upload,I love watching old matches
klosz PL 7 years ago
oioi: If you win one rally you are going to serve and then if you win next rally you score the point, so you have to win two rallys, so it's the same.
Berny SK 7 years ago
probably in 1996 changed set to 25 points. This is only my guess, bacause I remember a little bit this time.
Saku has right. When team A scored 2 rallys (today) then Team A had 1point. If Team A scored one rally, but team B scored 1 rally after Team A, this was deuce (no point for any team) and It was called drop-out or in Slovak language "strata" this I remember. When I was 15 years old ,volleyball was playing to 25points already. I dont know nothing about volleyball oldschoolers, but I think ,this was great, when began the new rules of volley. I dont like rule of net violation except the upper tape. This is so dangerous specially in amater volleyball.
oioi PL 7 years ago
Saku I think it was that to score a point you had to win while your team was serving but I'm not certain.
saku PL 7 years ago
to score 1 point they had to win 2 actions in the row and thay played to 15 points
Sllaveq BG 7 years ago
I didn't know they played only to 15...
Which year they changed that ?
RenanZ BR 7 years ago
During the Cold War, there was much more between they (USA and USRR) them the game itself !
kapitan_bomba PL 7 years ago
I like old games...big positive



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