After two years Tours VB is again the winner of the French Cup! In the final match they won against the team of Toulouse Volley-Ball 3:1. Team from Toulouse is just on the 12th place of PRO A in that season! With this victory, Mauricio Motta Paes, coach of Tours VB makes a clear statement that they have what it takes to win the French PRO A 2012/13. Tours VB is now in first place in French PRO A. See stars of Tours VB: David Konecny and David Smith and Marcus Popp in the foreground. Toulouse was winning 10:3 in fourth set and they have lost it. David Konecny played nice game. Thanks to his great serves and spikes Tours won 25:22 (last point on 2:02:12). Star of Czech Republic scored 15 points in fourth set! For the eight time in history, Tours VB won French Cup. added 21:16 03/04/2013 in Matches, place 1850/13092
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Date: 30.03.2013
Place: "Pierre de Coubertin", Paris (FRA)
Match: Tours VB - Toulouse Volley-Ball 3:1 (Final)
Kind of tournament: French Cup 2013
Commentary: French
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Wilfredo_is_Marshall RS 5 years ago
I did not do it I was just joking
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so there are the answer that everybody was looking for, wilfredo"the child" aka the crazy spammer pressing F5 all day long, maybe he ask to his little sister to do it whit him
RenanZ BR 5 years ago
Wow Wilfredo, we'll are proud on you!
Wilfredo_is_Marshall RS 5 years ago
I am the 160,000 viewer!

What can I say it was such a good much I had to replay it again and again
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luck191 PL 5 years ago
159908 views hahahha
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press refresh all day and here you are
John17 FR 5 years ago
Just noticed it this morning !! This website is not protected for bots ?

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vtnklmdc PL 5 years ago
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someone probably is very bored
Wilfredo_is_Marshall RS 5 years ago
I wish to play in this league one day ★

The middle from tours, i got his autograph. He is a really nice guy

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