Thibault Rossard in Plusliga 2017/18

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Thibault Rossard is a player for Resovia Rzeszów for 2 seasons. During this one they didn't get a high place in the league - 6th, but Thibault was able to show a little bit of his good skills to help his team win some games. Next season Resovia is making a huge change in their club and they are buying a lot of new players. And of course Thibault Rossard is staying for the 2018/19 so his 3rd season in Plusliga.
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FiveOneVolleyball CA 4 months ago 0
Trevor Clevenot is better
volleyvids12 PL 4 months ago 0
@FiveOneVolleyball: But not in plusliga
KVOLLEY KR 4 months ago +1
Thibault Rossard has good service, but other elements are mediocre.
volleyvids12 PL 4 months ago 0
@KVOLLEY: And good defence!
Gegalica RU 4 months ago 0
Top polish club last decade, with this guy 2 years in a row fail to reach top 4 and still they decide to keep him?? Something really wrong is happening with this club last few years..
volleyvids12 PL 4 months ago 0
@Gegalica: Check their transfers for the next season, they are getting stronger!

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