"The sickness" (Champions League Final Four Highlights)

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Questo PL 6 years ago 0
I love this movie!
MasterOPuppets MK 6 years ago 0
when I read the name i knew it was gonna be disturbed)
zver PL 6 years ago 0
simply amazing
EPINEPHRINEable BG 6 years ago 0
epic as I expected
Sllaveq BG 6 years ago -1
SONY44 UA 6 years ago +1
Супер видео! респект автору
Wilfredo_is_Marshall RS 6 years ago 0
Hd Quality: 5/5
Music: 4/5 (Maybe just me because I do not like rock music)
Effects: 5/5

Thumbs UP from me!
RenanZ BR 6 years ago +1
Greta job..

I bet took sometime to do it !
Asia6 PL 6 years ago 0
Amazing movie
Good job
John17 FR 6 years ago 0
why everytime hard rock on vb videos ???
raylight BG 6 years ago 0
Strong video as always
phoenix09 IT 6 years ago +4
I really like your videos! Great job
eRKa PL 6 years ago +5
clip in the climate of your all productions. good video, full of ENERGY!

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