The Olympics 2012 Trailer (2nd movie)

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The latest winners of the World League are definitely expected to win Olympic medal, but all Poles know, how different this tournament is gonna be - everything may happen. Now in Poland we can see an increasing pressure, as Olympic Games began. However, it is obvious, how different this great tournament can go. Nobody can be sure of victory - Beijing 2008 is a good evidence of this theory.
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EdoKaglie IT 6 years ago 0
Evento attesissimo da tutti!
fadel BH 6 years ago -1
can't wait for 27 July
Wilfredo_is_Marshall RS 6 years ago -1
Best video ever! Great music!! HD! 5*
GMC always has great videos, but make them a little longer.

@Roninho: 0:22 probably is HCLT
kapitan_bomba PL 6 years ago +1
wszystko ładnie pięknie, spoko trailer, ale mimo wszystko bym się wstrzymał z tego typu produkcjami do czasu poznania wszystkich "uczestników" londyńskiej "karuzeli"
bitka PL 6 years ago +4
i'm waiting for comments like "why you put only 4 teams here?!" and so on
Milka PL 6 years ago +1
No właśnie też mam taką nadzieję, ale słyszłam to już od paru osób. ;p
Asia6 PL 6 years ago +2
@ tysia: Mam nadzieję, że Polsat i Polsat Sport puszczą mecze Polaków. W tvp na 99% nie będzie...
tysia PL 6 years ago +1
wątpię w to że TVP puści mecze siatkówki
bardziej już wierzę w Polsat
Milka PL 6 years ago +1
Wie ktoś kto będzie transmitował siatkówkę na IO? TVP?
tysia PL 6 years ago +1
beauty of volleyball I can't wait Olympics
pearl IT 6 years ago 0
Roninho: is he? Really??
Roninho PL 6 years ago +4
Song : Coldplay - Paradise

0:22 This is HCLT!
RenanZ BR 6 years ago 0

Cant wait to see !!!!
scorpio111888 PL 6 years ago 0
nice but could be a little longer and then will be perfect.
opan US 6 years ago +1
perfecto video!!!the song??
raylight BG 6 years ago 0
Video for 5
vane PH 6 years ago 0
wonderful video! love all the shots. the slow motion is just awesome! also loved the last part
Asia6 PL 6 years ago 0
Your videos are awesome!
This is your the best film with the 'Echo'.

Last edited by Asia6 6 years ago.

qsek PL 6 years ago +1
there are 2 movies which has the same name -"The Olympics 2012 Trailer" by GMCnetwork and Sllaveq, you should name that "The Oly... (2nd movie)" or something.
GMCnetwork PL 6 years ago +4
This is trailer, or even teaser. They can't be long..

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