The Olympics 2012 (Highlights, 2nd movie)

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Amazing movie showing that volleyball is something more than sport! Movie contains moment from 28 matches in The Olympics 2012. The matches watched live at "Earls Court Exhibition Centre" hall by 482900 fans (average 12708 in one match). Italian players dedicated their bronze medal to Vigor Bovolenta. Giba ended his career after Olympics and Russia won Olympic title after 32 years. Some fans consider final match as the best in the history of volleyball. Alekno made the most important decision of his life and decided that Dmitriy Muserskiy (nominal middle-blocker) will replace Mikhaylov on the attack. Muserskiy won that game for Russia (he was just unstoppable at the third set).
Title of song: (Dubstep) Atmosphere - Peteharley
Men The Olympics 2012
The Olympics 2012
Date: 29.07.2012 - 12.08.2012
Arenas: "Earls Court Exhibition Centre", London (United Kingdom)
Final Classification:
1. Russia 2. Brazil
3. Italy 4. Bulgaria
5. Argentina 5. Germany
5. Poland 5. USA
9. Australia 9. Serbia
11. Tunisia 11. United Kingdom
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vtnklmdc PL 1 year ago 0
Available again
hanes233 EE 5 years ago 0
I agree, one of the best videos in a long time.
bitka PL 5 years ago +1
am i the only person who keeps coming back to this video?? it's brilliant!
Radko BG 5 years ago 0
i believe that the era of Russia has begun ..
massihg IR 5 years ago +1
Really enjoyed it =)
rkk BG 5 years ago +1
Could you upload it somewhere, because I want to have it on my PC, but when i tried to download it through Youtube, it gave some kind of a problem?
Wilfredo_is_Marshall RS 5 years ago +1
HD is something I always love to see and great music too
afonsocabral18 PT 5 years ago +1
Revan, es cubano , portanto, sugiro que retires a bandeira portuguesa do teu perfil.. Não tens valor para exibi-la. criticas outros videos e os teus só não são criticados porque são inexistentes! This video, for me, is on top 5, because was done with passion. that is everything
hanes233 EE 5 years ago +1
Seriously awesome movie, very enjoyable 1.14 monster block on Wallace. This movie would be an awesome OG 2016 trailer, for real !
przemek16 PL 5 years ago +2
For me TOP5 of all Volleyball Movies!
raylight BG 5 years ago +1
Great video, so emotional1
Sundfjord NO 5 years ago +2
Damn, this renders my version useless. Great work.
bitka PL 5 years ago +1
you squeezed the best camera shots and created a masterpice! for me the best movie on this side. i watched it and had to do it once again, i just couldn't resist
Joel2718 CA 5 years ago +2
nice editing
ResoviaMaster PL 5 years ago +2
świetny filmik, jak zresztą wszystkie twoje filmy
great video, like all your movies
vtnklmdc PL 5 years ago +2
When I see these opinions like below that is a true inspiration for me that someone like my work, THANK YOU guys, without you there wasn't these movies
Nagor PL 5 years ago -1
Is it official spot of OG 2012 ?
zver PL 5 years ago +2
F*CKING GREAT, now i have motivation to finish my video DD
eRKa PL 5 years ago +2
AWESOOOOOOOME. so good you still have inspiration to make clips. I wish us every movie maker so active

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