The best actions in The Olympics 2008

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Amazing actions from The Olympics like libero Marko Samardzić dig on the advertising bunches, Zagumny set without block to Wlazły, Murilo Endres strong shot, Martino perfect dig, Maxim Mikhaylov leg dig, Michał Winiarski roll shot ended set against Russia, Marcin Możdżonek headshot on Yury Berezhko and hit of the internet: Murilo Endres 3rd meter kill in the Olympic final. Everything in great montage made by eRKa.
Date: 10-24.08.2008
Place (Finals): "Beijing Institute of Technology Gymnasium" and "Capital Indoor Stadium", Beijing (CHN)
Kind of tournament: The Olympics 2008
Final Classification:
1. USA
2. Brazil
3. Russia
4. Italy
5. Bulgaria
5. China
5. Poland
5. Serbia
9. Germany
9. Venezuela
11. Egypt
11. Japan

Title of song: Awolnation - Sail
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zrm7392 IR 3 years ago 0
How can i download the videos?? Help
eRKa PL 6 years ago 0
well, you got me

Last edited by eRKa 6 years ago.

kuba9426 PL 6 years ago 0
eRKa bad trick in the last action with this sound xD But still amazing video
NightFox BG 6 years ago 0
Thanks for the vid eRKa
Wilfredo_is_Marshall RS 6 years ago +2
eRKa is officially part of the "Volleyball-movies.net Hall of Fame"
Great Actions!
Thumbs Up from me!
(You deserve a big thumbs up!)
RenanZ BR 6 years ago 0
´for sure I do, my friend.
eRKa PL 6 years ago +2
I haven't too much matches, that's why there aren't a lot of amazing actions in the movie. I regret that I didn't find Russia - USA in semi-final.
RenanZ, I didn't put this action because Giba didn't make it I mean defense was really striking but no effective (I hope you will understand what I want to say). and also that action is already here http://www.volleyball-movies.net/the-olympics-2008-highlights-5th-movie-m3194

thanks for every comment. I appreciate it and it's motivating me to the follow-up work
rtr RU 6 years ago +2
russian commentators are noobs , there were miracles happened on their eyes , and they were just taking.
rtr RU 6 years ago 0
Olimpic games - everybody fighting for every point
Asia6 PL 6 years ago +1
Great video
Świetny filmik, najlepsze akcje, strasznie szybko się go ogląda. Na prawdę świetny filmik, jeden z najlepszych jakie widziałam.
RenanZ BR 6 years ago +1
Sail - Awolnation
flain BG 6 years ago 0
Please tell us the title of the song.
raylight BG 6 years ago -2
A truly remarkable selection
shinoda PL 6 years ago 0
Z egiptem, nie wenezuela. z wenezuela nie gralismy
InivaridU PL 6 years ago +1
Kurde, filmik ma 9 minut, a się go ogląda z wielkim zaciekawieniem i chęcią zobaczenia kolejnej akcji no i co jeszcze ważniejsze, nie dłuży się i jak dla mnie jest za krótki Gratulacje eRKa
A i jeszcze nie wiem czemu nigdzie nie ma jednego ataku Wlazłego w trzeci metr, bodajże z meczu z Wenezuelą

Damn, movie is 9 minutes long but you watch it with big interest and you want to see another actions and for me one of the most important thing, that you don't feel, how long it is and for me it is too short Congratulations eRKa
And I don't know why, but there is nowhere one Wlazły 3rd meter spike, I think from match with Venezuela
Karol Jankiewicz PL 6 years ago 0
wow. very nice actions :] !
gienia111 PL 6 years ago 0
miło sobie osświerzyc ew pamięci te akcje
Milka PL 6 years ago 0
pure pleasure for my eyes
John17 FR 6 years ago 0
Sail - Awolnation in soundtrack ! Great great song fit perfect with the movie ! nice job
juantorena95 RO 6 years ago 0
1:00 serve of vigor bovolenta

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