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TOP10 Best Volleyball Quick Spikes
Compilation of huge quick spikes. You have to see this movie! After seeing this movie you will think that volleyball is something more than sport. Dynamic spikes performed by Jeo…
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TOP 10 Best Volleyball Quick Spikes
Compilation of huge quick spikes. You have to see this movie! After seeing this movie you will think that volleyball is something more than sport. Dynamic spikes performed by Aleks…
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Michał Kubiak quick spike (Argentina - Poland)World Cup 2015
Michał Kubiak (Halkbank Ankara/ Poland) quick spike in match against Argentina in World Cup Japan 2015. On the press confrence, he said: "We are very happy to win today’s game. …
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Volleyball Quick Spikes
Compilation of huge quick spikes! Dynamic attacks performed by Earvin N'Gapeth, Dmitriy Muserskiy, Robertlandy Simon Aties and many more.
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TOP30 quick spikes by middle-blockers in Plusliga 2016/17Plusliga 2016/17
Compilation of powerful 'Quick' attacks (1st tempo) by middle-blockers in Plusliga 2016/17 regular season. Srećko Lisinac, Marcus Böhme, Dmytro Pashytskyy, Łukasz Wiśniewski et…
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Simone Anzani quick spike (Perugia - Ankara)Champions League 2017/18
Huge spike by Simone Anzani, one of the crucial points for qualifying Sir Safety Perugia to the play-offs 1/6. His team will be playing against Lokomotiv Novosibirsk in the next ro…
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Dmitriy Muserskiy quick spike (Belogorie - Ankara)CEV Cup 2017/18
Volleyball seems so easy when you have giant Dmitriy Muserskiy on your side! Belogorie setter Roman Poroshin passed the ball to Dmitry Muserskiy on every possible occasion and as a…
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Krasimir Georgiev quick spikeWorld League 2015
Bulgaria's Krasimir Georgiev finishes the rally with a powerful quick attack. The Bulgarian team came back from losing the first set to beat hosts Cuba 3:1 (18:25, 25:20, 26:24, 2…
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 Volleyball Quick Spikes (2nd movie)
Next compilation of huge quick spikes in one movie. Dynamic spikes performed by such players like: N'Gapeth, Kurek, Sokolov and Zaytsev.
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Aleksandar Okolic quick spike (Berlin - Istanbul)Champions League 2016/17
Great Volleyball and atmosphere in Berlin! After taking three sets in a row, the BR Volleys gave everything they had to make their dream come true; Istanbul BBSK did the same but t…
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Earvin N'Gapeth quick spike (Rzeszów - Modena)Champions League 2016/17
Earvin N'Gapeth extends contract at Modena until 2020! See his quick spike from game aganist Resovia Rzeszów in Champions League 2016/17.
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Phillip Collin quick spikeChampions League 2017/18
Huge power of middle-blocker from Fredrichshafen! His team won their first opening match in the group phase of the Champions League since 2013 when they won in five sets against Hy…
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Ilyas Kurkaev quick spike (Novosibirsk - Chaumont)Champions League 2017/18
Ilyas Kurkaev has really flexible arm what he proved in today's match against Chaumont VB. His team is on the first place in Group C. Lokomotiv will play their next match mid-Febru…
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Quick attacks in World League 2010World League 2010
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TOP10 Best Spikes by Wilfredo Leon
His spikes are just incredible. He started playing for the national team when he was 14, and at 17 he was the team captain. Leon refused to play for Cuba's national team after not …
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Quick attacks in The Olympics 2008The Olympics 2008
Compilation of huge quick spikes from The Olympics 2008. Dynamic spikes performed by Millar, Kuleshov, Kadziewicz, Podrascanin, Volkov and Andre Heller. The Olympics are special to…
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TOP10 Spikes by Robertlandy Simon Aties
The beast of volleyball. One of the best middle-blocker in the world in action! Right now he play in Sada Cruzeiro Volei.
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Nicolas Uriarte and Mariusz Wlazły quick ballPlusliga 2014/15
Nicolas Uriarte always tries to play fast. For sure, he is one of the best transfers in Plusliga. After seeing this movie you will think that Skra won that game. They won in three …
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Michał Kubiak (as middle-blocker)Hubert Wagner Memorial 2015
MVP of Memorial of Hubert Jerzy Wagner in one action played as the middle-blocker. Just watch this movie short cut from game Poland vs. Iran. In the game between two big rivals, Po…
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