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Lucas Saatkamp powerful spikes (Rio de Janeiro - Sesi)Brazilian Superliga 2013/14
In last round of regular season Lucas was spiking with great power. First spike in 3rd meter and then two in the 5th meter, but with unusual power. Lucas joined Sesi in that season…
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Ivan Zaytsev powerful spikeWorld League 2014
Ivan Zaytsev won that match for Italian National Team! He totally crashed Poland. Ivan lead Italian team to win with 24 points (23 spikes and 1 ace). Especially his achievement in …
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Paul Lotman powerful spikeWorld Championships 2014
Powerful spike by wing-spiker Paul Lotman in the match against Italy World Championships 2014. Almost 15,000 people in Kraków Arena supported American team what impressed both tea…
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Taylor Sander powerful spikeWorld Championships 2014
Strong spike by MVP of World League 2014 and new star of senior volleyball. Taylor has really flexible arm what he proved in that tournament. Unfortunately few minutes before that …
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Alison Cerutti powerful spikeThe Olympics 2012
This video shows a monster spike from Alison Cerutti at London Olympics 2012 againts LAT Mamute, strong arm !
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TOP20 Best Volleyball Spikes
Turn up the the speakers and we watch :-) Which one is your favorite? Most of them are on the 2nd and 3rd meter. Best powerful spikes by Clayton Stanley, Matey Kaziyski, Dante Amar…
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Bartosz Kurek fantastic spikeWorld League 2013
Bartosz Kurek spiked on the line from the sixth meter against Bulgaria in the World League 2013. In those two matches he played on world level. He scored 39 points in two matches! …
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Matthew Anderson and Clayton Stanley great actionWorld League 2011
Amazing action from World League 2011. Huge serve by Matthew Anderson (118km/h) and powerful spike by Clayton Stanley in that movie. They played great game. Stanley scored 15 point…
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Dmitriy Muserskiy fantastic spikeGrand Champions Cup 2013
You must see it! Amazing action: Sergey Grankin and Dmitriy Muserskiy. One of the best spikes in World Grand Champions Cup 2013. With his height of 218 cm he is one of the tallest …
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Georg Grozer great actionEuropean Championships 2013
One of the best spikes in yesterday's match between Russia and Germany. His teammate from Belgorod: Dmitriy Muserskiy couldn't stop him. Kaliberda and Fromm helped him in attack an…
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Luciano De Cecco fantastic setItalian Serie A1 2013/14
You must see it! Amazing action: Luciano De Cecco and Robertlandy Simon. It's top level of volleyball. Copra won that game in tie-break! Lube lost first game in Italian League 201…
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TOP10 Best Volleyball Quick Spikes
Compilation of huge quick spikes. You have to see this movie! After seeing this movie you will think that volleyball is something more than sport. Dynamic spikes performed by Jeo…
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Bartosz Kurek 3rd meter spike (Copra - Macerata)Italian Serie A1 2013/14
Huge start by Lube in tie-break, one hand set by Michele Baranowicz to Bartosz Kurek. That was fight between leader and 3rd team of Italian Serie A 2013/14. He had 61% in attack an…
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Mariusz Wlazły huge spike from 2nd lineWorld League 2014
See a power of his jump. In 2010 he gave up playing for Polish national team because of a conflict with its management. On April 8, 2014 was appointed to the Polish national team a…
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Unbeliveble Kurek spike in 5 languagesWorld Championships 2018
Best Action during World Championships 2018. Crazy spike with huge power 117 km\h. This action prove why Poland won gold medal :)
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Wallace de Souza 2nd meter spike (Sada - UPCN)
Powerful spike on the second meter by Brazilian national spiker Wallace de Souza. Sada Cruzeiro Volei is the champion of the South American Club Championship 2014. Brazilian team w…
Luciano De Cecco and Denis Kaliberda great actionChampions League 2013/14
Just no words. You must see it! It proves that all movies with Luciano De Cecco and Denis Kaliberda on Volleyball-Movies are just incredible. Look what they did yesterday in Champi…
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Mory Sidibe huge spike from 2nd lineWorld Championships 2014
Impressive shot of Mory Sidibe supported by French Paris Volley fans in Spodek. After winning two first sets France was sure about playing in Final Four. Second team of France ente…
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Georg Grozer pipe attackRussian Superleague 2014/15
It was an incredible view ;-) German spiker - Georg Grozer has attacked from 6th zone in match between Belogorie Belgorod and Kuzbass Kemerovo. Belogorie won that game 3:0 and adva…
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Earvin N'Gapeth 2nd meter spikeWorld Championships 2014
France took revenge for defeat in World League 2014 and won over Australia in four sets. Earvin played in just few matches in World League 2014 cause of problems with his shoulder.…
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