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Polish fans dance in SpodekWorld League 2012
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Polish fans in SpodekWorld League 2012
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Polish fans dance in Spodek (2nd movie)World League 2012
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Polish fans in World League 2013World League 2013
Movie which shows why Polish fans are considered as the best in the world. The matches was held place in 6 different cities: Warsaw, Łódź, Bydgoszcz, Gdańsk/Sopot, Katowice an…
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Polish fans celebration after World Champion titleWorld Championships 2014
Polish players celebrate! Poland is the champion of World Champs 2014. In the final they beat Brazil 3:1 and after 40 years they are again the champions.
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Polish fans (Poland - Argentina, World League 2013)World League 2013
"The Polish volleyball fans are terrific! We hope you fans will make the same fantastic atmosphere at the historic Final Four Weekend in Copenhagen", said one of the organizers of …
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Polish fans  in World Championship 2014World Championships 2014
Movie which shows why Polish fans are considered as the best in the world. You can see a great atmosphere here. We follow a group of Polish fans as they jump with joy and cry with …
Polish fans: "Let's have a Polka"World League 2015
In true Polish fashion the home crowd create a festival atmosphere during there sides World League Volleyball game with Russia ;-)
Polish anthem in SpodekWorld League 2010
Movie explaining phenomenon of Spodek hall. It is called "Mecca of Polish volleyball" by a fans. It was built on 1971 by a Polish communist government. His secret is great acoustic…
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Polish anthem in Arena ŁódźWorld League 2009
That was inauguration of "Atlas Arena" hall in Łódź. Polish anthem was sung by the 13500 fans. Polish dance leaders: Marek Magiera and Grzegorz Kułaga introduced a new ritual o…
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Funny volleyball fanChampions League 2011/12
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Poland - Brazil (SET5)World League 2002
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Resovia Rzeszów fansPlusliga 2011/12
Highlights of Resovia Rzeszów fans.
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"Pieśń o Małym Rycerzu"World League 2007
"Song about a Little Knight" is the unofficial anthem of Polish fans. That song was sung for the first time in match against Yugoslavia in World League 1998 Intercontinental Round.…
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'Polska Bialo-Czerwoni' in Atlas ArenaEuropean Championships 2009
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Grzegorz Kułaga & Marek MagieraWorld League 2007
Marek Magiera and Grzegorz Kułaga work together since 2003. At the beggining Kułaga works together with Bartosz Heller (who is sport journalist currently). Marek Magiera was an a…
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Polska Bialo-CzerwoniWorld League 2007
The most popular hit of Polish fans "Polska Biało-Czerwoni" what means "Poland white-and-red". You can hear it in every hall where plays Polish National Team. Melody taken from a …
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Lasers (World League Finals 2007)World League 2007
Nice lasers in Spodek hall after final match in World League 2007 Final Six between Russia and Brazil. Playground was preparing to the decoration so organizers created illumination…
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After match Poland - USAWorld League 2006
Spontaneous and energetic cheering of Polish fans after the second match in Spodek in World League 2006. First match was a great battle won by Poland 3:2. Incontestable star of bot…
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Grzegorz KułagaWorld League 2006
Grzegorz Kułaga is an announcer on the matches of Polish National Team since 1997. At the beggining he works together with Bartosz Heller (who he is sport journalist currently). S…
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