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TOP30 quick spikes by middle-blockers in Plusliga 2016/17Plusliga 2016/17
Compilation of powerful 'Quick' attacks (1st tempo) by middle-blockers in Plusliga 2016/17 regular season. Srećko Lisinac, Marcus Böhme, Dmytro Pashytskyy, Łukasz Wiśniewski et…
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The best middle-blockers in the world (2nd movie)
Compilation of spikes by famous middle-blockers like: Robertlandy Siomon Aties, Luigi Mastrangelo, Dmitriy Muserskiy, Marcin Możdżonek, Gustavo Endres and Andrija Gerić.
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The best middle-blockers in the world (3rd movie)
Compilation of top 10 middle-blockers in volleyball.
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Pieter Verhees blocksBelgian Volleybal Liga A 2011/12
Pieter Verhees best block. He as the best blocker of Belgium league
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Best Tallest players
10 players that are more than 215cm tall. You can see such players like: Kay Van Dijk (215cm), Alexander Kimerov (215cm), Gustavo Bonatto (215cm), Stanislav Dineykin (215cm), Rena…
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Best blockers in the world
Compilation of blocks by famous middle-blockers like: Lucas Saatkamp, David Lee, Robertlandy Simon Aties, Maxwell Holt, Srecko Lisiniac, Mohammad Mousavi and Dmitriy Muserskiy.
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Rob Chatterton
Rob is a middle-blocker and these are clips throughout the season. This includes the team taking first place at the St. Louis Dennis Lafata qualifier tournament. In the spring of 2…
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Best net actions: Champions League 2016/17 (1/12 Play-Off)Champions League 2016/17
Middle blockers Mateusz Bieniek, Alexander Volkov and Srećko Lisinac dominate in the Champions League. TOP 3 Net Actions in the second game of 1/12 Play-Off.
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TOP20 huge blocks in World Grand Prix 2017World Grand Prix 2017
Top 20 BEST vertical blocks in the World Grand Prix 2017. Look at the best women players in the world in action!
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Huge blocks in volleyball
30 Volleyball Blocks that shocked the world.
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Best blocker in the worldNewsNews
In my opinion Robertlandy Simon Aties Gustavo Endres Marcin Możdżonek Andrija Gerić Who are the best players in your opinion ..?
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