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Bartosz Kurek fantastic spikeWorld League 2013
Bartosz Kurek spiked on the line from the sixth meter against Bulgaria in the World League 2013. In those two matches he played on world level. He scored 39 points in two matches! …
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Steven Hunt fantastic spikeFriendly match 2014/15
Can you hit like Steve? :-) That was a friendly match between two teams from Düren the during season 2014/15.
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Saori Kimura fantastic spike (Dominican Republic - Japan)World Olympic Qualification 2016
No one can block this spike. This is Saori Kimura ;-) Watch the fast move, incredible! While Japan has played better this week, it was a solid result after the dramas of Wednesday …
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Earvin N'Gapeth fantastic spike (Modena - Ravenna)Italian Serie A1 2016/17
Amazing one man show performed by Earvin N'Gapeth. Absolutely specialist in huge spikes! It was great match at PalaPanini Hall. The team from Ravenna which is currently not even am…
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Jonas Kvalen fantastic spikeEuropean Championships Qualifications 2019
Strong spike of Jonas Kvalen in match in the qualifications for the European Championship 2019. This victory gives the Norwegian team a fair chance of qualifying for the Finals.
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Auke van de Kamp fantastic spikeChampions League 2017/18
Auke van de Kamp demonstrates his skills as an outside hitter, picking the ball up and smashing it down himself. Some 1 200 fans attended the ‘derby’ between teams from the Low…
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Like a Earvin N'Gapeth (Piotr Ilewicz spike)Polish Second League 2014/15
An impressive spike in the Polish Second League, very similar to the one that Earvin N'Gapeth presented in match against Lube Banca Macerata. There is similar action made by Polish…
@rafaello94  8869  8
Ivan Zaytsev spike (Italy - Australia)World League 2015
Unstoppable spike by an Ivan Zaystev after a long exchange that didn't give any chance for Australia to defend. Italy took revenge for their loss to Australia on Friday. Italy deci…
Unbeliveble Kurek spike in 5 languagesWorld Championships 2018
Best Action during World Championships 2018. Crazy spike with huge power 117 km\h. This action prove why Poland won gold medal :)
@vtnklmdc  2529  7
Mory Sidibe huge spike from 2nd lineWorld Championships 2014
Impressive shot of Mory Sidibe supported by French Paris Volley fans in Spodek. After winning two first sets France was sure about playing in Final Four. Second team of France ente…
@vtnklmdc  5720  6
Earvin N'Gapeth 2nd meter spikeWorld Championships 2014
France took revenge for defeat in World League 2014 and won over Australia in four sets. Earvin played in just few matches in World League 2014 cause of problems with his shoulder.…
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Earvin N'Gapeth amazing action (France - Slovenia)European Championships 2015
Earvin N'Gapeth could not choose a more unconventional, yet exhilarating way to seal the final point of the EuroVolley 2015 gold medal match! One of the most eclectic players arou…
Earvin N'Gapeth amazing action (Monza - Modena)Italian Cup 2015/16
Do you remember amazing action the during the final point of the EuroVolley 2015 gold medal match? There is similar action made by Earvin N'Gapeth. He turned his back to the net an…
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TOP 10 Best Volleyball Quick Spikes
Compilation of huge quick spikes. You have to see this movie! After seeing this movie you will think that volleyball is something more than sport. Dynamic spikes performed by Aleks…
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This is volleyball (Trailer)
This small movie shows you all the actions you play in a real volleyball match. All these actions make volleyball a spectaculair sport! Let's see volleyball stars of XXI century: P…
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Katarzyna Skorupa and Lauren Gibbemeyer great actionItalian Serie A1 2014/15
One of great plays presented by duo: Katarzyna Skorupa and Lauren Gibbemeyer in season 2014/15. In the final faced two the best teams of regular round in Serie A. Novara was first …
@soidensir3  909  1
Taylor Sander spike (Canada - USA)World Cup 2015
Impressive shot of Taylor Sander in Hiroshima. USA made it three wins from three after they defeated Canada in three sets in the first round of the World Cup. Sander scored 12 poin…
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Alexander Gutsalyuk huge spikeFriendly match 2015/16
Hear the sound of ball striking on the floor and public ovation at the Podpromie Hall. That was friendly match named "great revenge" for the final of Champions League 2014/15.
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Aaron Russell great action (USA - Poland)World League 2015
A sensational spike from Aaron Russell finishes an incredible rally between USA and Poland in the World League bronze medal match in Rio de Janeiro. He scored 10 points (he had 50%…
Bartosz Bednorz high reach spikeClub World Championship 2017/18
One of the best wide receivers in Poland, an example of the player who had stepped on the right path as a youngster and became better and better every year. Bednorz moved to centra…
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