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Ricardo Garcia fantastic setWorld Championships 2006
Let's see how to set the ball from 12th meter to the wing. It was so fast set to the Andre Nascimento. It seems to be impossible but they get a point by that play. Ricardo Garcia i…
@chrison  29382  36
Paweł Zagumny fantastic setWorld Championships 2006
@guest  20358  75
Lukas Tichacek fantastic setPlusliga 2011/12
Best set by Lukas Tichacek in match Delecta Bydgoszcz - Resovia Rzeszów of Polish Plusliga in season 2011/12.
@vtnklmdc  4255  5
Libero (Sergio) fantastic setWorld League 2008
It's banned to attack the ball set with fingers by Libero before 3rd meter line, so Sergio haven't touched the playground before 3rd meter line ;-) As commentators said his set doe…
@chrison  23637  21
Keibir Gutierrez fantastic setWorld League 2009
@Nagor  4859  21
Grzegorz Łomacz and Raphael fantastic setsChampions League 2010/11
@NightFox  4177  18
Paweł Woicki fantastic setPolish Cup 2007/08
Let's see amazing, fast set along whole playground to the wing. Ball was flying more than 12 meters. AZS Częstochowa without big names won Polish Cup after ten years of absence. T…
@ResoviaMaster  3820  1
Andrey Zhekov fantastic setEuropean Championships 2009
@NightFox  8216  10
Nikola Grbić fantastic setItalian Serie A1 2009/10
@NightFox  6327  26
Miguel Maia fantastic setPortuguese A1 League 2008/09
@afonsocabral18  5228  19
Raphael de Oliveira fantastic set (Piacenza - Trentino)Italian Serie A1 2012/13
Raphael showed how to fight till the end. His ball was precise and fast (look at parabola of the ball's flight). Also spiker Jan Stokr believed in his teammate and was sure that he…
@vtnklmdc  3872  6
Sergio fantastic set (2nd movie)World League 2009
@Nagor  18637  56
William Peixoto Arjona fantastic setBrazilian Superliga 2010/11
@VolleyballMovies  8811  24
Luciano De Cecco fantastic setItalian Serie A1 2013/14
You must see it! Amazing action: Luciano De Cecco and Robertlandy Simon. It's top level of volleyball. Copra won that game in tie-break! Lube lost first game in Italian League 201…
@Kjeldhor  9352  29
William Peixoto Arjona fantastic set (Cruzeiro - Skra)Club World Championship 2012/13
Set of the year! It's just William Peixoto Arjona style of play. That was completly unpredictable for Skra but Brazilian middle-blocker knows William very well. We wonder why he do…
@vtnklmdc  4885  8
Earvin N'Gapeth fantastic setItalian Serie A1 2014/15
Nice flying set from Earvin N'Gapeth to Nemanja Petrić during the 9th round of Italian Serie A1. He once again showed his amazing skills. French player and Modena Volley won that …
@Kjeldhor  19536  7
Fabio Vullo fantastic setItalian Serie A1 1991/92
Do you remember nice set the ball from 12th meter to the wing by Ricardo Garcia in match against Serbia in World Championships 2006? There is similar action made by Italian setter:…
Ferdinand Tille fantastic setPlusliga 2014/15
Set of the year!!! Just no words. In one action in the third set, second contact with the ball belonged to Ferdinand Tille, libero of Skra Bełchatów and he did something extraord…
@datem  7479  5
Earvin N'Gapeth fantastic set (Italy - France)European Championships 2015
Next nice flying set from Earvin N'Gapeth ;-) Look at amazing set to Kevin Tillie. He once again showed his amazing skills. France won that game in tie-break.
@soidensir3  1587  1
Daniel Pliński fantastic setChampions League 2008/09
@Anty-PZPS  4693  13

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