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Marcin Wika ace serveThe Olympics 2008
Marcin Wika was in starting six of Polish national team just in season 2008. He came to national team in January 2008 after amazing season (he was in the best shape of his life) in…
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Tsvetan Sokolov ace serveChampions League 2014/15
Even Sergey Tetyukhin (considered as the best wing-spiker in the world) couldn't receive his bomb. Tsvetan played great also in the attack. He scored 18 points and had 48% efficien…
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Pavel Moroz ace serve in slow motion (Jumbos - Wooricard)Korean V-League 2015/16
Serve of new spiker of Korean Air Jumbos: Pavel Moroz. He joined Korean team in last month and he is next foreign star in that league.
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William Priddy ace serve (Macerata - Padova)Italian Serie A1 2015/16
William Priddy had a pretty good debut for Lube Banca Macerata. He scored 9 points in game against Padova, while this ace was perhaps the most impressive of them all. He said: "I…
Sidao ace serve (Brazil - Argentina)South American Championship 2013
Huge serve by Brazilian middle-blocker Sidao in the most important moment of South American Championships 2013. Sidao was MVP of that tournament. Both teams won all of 3 previous m…
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Tsvetan Sokolov ace serve (Ankara - Kazan)Champions League 2014/15
Bulgarian spiker: Tsevtan Sokolov in match Halkbank Ankara - Zenit Kazan. Cuban Wilfredo Leon couldn't receive his bomb. Team from Ankara was eliminated from the competition. They …
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Bruno Rezende ace serve (Modena - Perugia)Italian Serie A1 2015/16
Let's look at impossible to receive serve by Bruno Rezende. He is considered as the best setter in the world. He scored 4 aces in match against Perugia, while this ace was perhaps …
Kevin Le Roux ace serve (Iran - France)The Olympics 1st World Qualifications 2016
Strong serve made by Kevin Le Roux in the match between Iran and France. He scored 2 aces in that game.
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Paul Buchegger ace serve (Austria - Croatia)European Championships Qualifications 2019
The man of the match was Paul Buchegger. In a very tight encounter the 22-year-old opposite made the difference. He was primarily responsible for the turnaround with three consecut…
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Jakub Jarosz 8 aces in match Bydgoszcz - Kędzierzyn-KoźlePlusliga 2009/10
Jakub Jarosz vs Delecta Bydgoszcz. 8 aces of Jakub Jarosz in match 10th round Polish League (Plusliga) 2009/10. One of the best libero in the world: Richard Lambourne couldn't rece…
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Volleyball aces
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David Konecny vs Paris Volley (10 aces)French PRO A 2011/12
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Victor Yosifov vs USA (7 aces)World League 2013
Victor Yosifov scored six aces in seven sets in matches against USA with all aces in doublets. He was their real killer. Everybody is shaking when he has to serve. The last two ace…
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Ivan Zaystev 4 aces in a rowWorld League 2014
Ivan Zaytsev won that match for Italy national team! He started at 24:22 for USA and ended on 26:24 for Italy. Erik Shoji, Taylor Sander and Sean Rooney couldn't receive his strong…
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TOP10 Best Volleyball Aces over 120 km/h
The best servers in the world in actions. Speed of all serves was above 120 km/h. Wlazły, Muserskiy, Savani, Bociek, Sokolov, Grozer, Leal and Kaziyski could win matches alone. Ev…
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Valentin Bratoev 4 aces in the rowWorld League 2012
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Todor Skrimov 3 aces in a row (USA - Bulgaria)World League 2014
Bulgarian spiker Todor Skimov converts result from 24:20 to 24:26 for Bulgaria against undefeated USA in Chicago with 5 serves and three aces in a row. Todor Skrimov put Taylor San…
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Skra Bełchatów 7 points in a row and Wlazły showPlusliga 2013/14
Finish of second set from third match of final between Skra Bełchatów and Resovia Rzeszów. Let's look at impossible to receive serve by Wlazły! Skra won 3:0 in third match and …
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TOP 10  actions by Clayton Stanley
Nice actions by American player Clayton Stanley. How we see in this movie his greatest asset is the strength. With the professional club Iraklis Thessaloniki, he won the silver med…
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Top 10 best spikes, digs, blocks, aces, funny momentsNewsNews
I'm going to make a movie about: 1. Top 20 best spikes 2. Top 10 best digs 3. Top 10 best blocks 4. Top 10 best aces 5. Maybe Top 10 funny moments But I need your help in selecting…
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