Date: 26.07.2009
Place: "Belgrade Arena", Belgrade
Match: Serbia - Brazil 2:3 (final)
Kind of tournament: World League 2009 Final Six

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Wilfredo_is_Marshall RS 6 years ago
I like watching presentations you guys don't?
bitka PL 6 years ago
i don't care if it's amateur record or not - i want from movie to include sth interesting. here you've got nothing

i would give minus even if polish NT were here
vatreni ME 6 years ago
My favorite movies are shortcuts , trailers and old volleyball movies. I think the only problem with this movie is amateur record
NightFox BG 6 years ago
haha that's right chirson
eRKa PL 6 years ago
weird irony. none presentation is interesting.
chrison PL 6 years ago
There could be only Polish presentation on the volleyball-movies, and only Polish presentation is interesting!
eRKa PL 6 years ago
it's nothing interesting. it's wrong with it.
raylight BG 6 years ago
Why? Is something wrong with it?
bitka PL 6 years ago
seriously?! you added movie like this?


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