Polish Cup 2012 Final Four Highlights

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Skra Bełchatów is celebrating victory in Polish Cup 2012. Jastrzębie didn´t have any chance in final and lost in three sets. Semi-finals were just awesome, full of emotions and good volleyball. Unfortunately, final wasn't such interesting. Atmosphere in hall - real hell ;-) In the first semi-final match Jastrzębie won after long battle over Kędzierzyn in five sets. Rzeszów as an organizer of Final Four of Polish Cup had the highest goals. Unfortunately they met Bełchatów in semi-final and the victory 3:1 belonged to Bełchatów.
Title of song: Immediate Music - Electric Romeo (Choir)
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Wilfredo_is_Marshall RS 5 years ago 0
I love the choir epic remix!
Kevinpsb PL 6 years ago +1
Ej ile filmów już przywłaszczyłeś sobie na youtubie???!!!!
Basil RU 6 years ago 0
Great movie. Changing speed of playback is very interesting. Good song also lets to feel spirit of real game. Applause!!!
tysia PL 6 years ago 0
in my opinion emotions were higher in semi-finals
final was less interesting
Polish Cup - was a great clash of spikers
very nice movie
Roninho PL 6 years ago +1
This song was probably 3 times. I do not like it but movie is quite good.
Sebastian13Sw UA 6 years ago 0
since Monday I have no opportunity anywhere to download games plusliga and Polish cup(
Roninho PL 6 years ago +1
Finale was boring. Semi-finals were high level.
almfs PT 6 years ago +1
Amazing final, best cup in the world
bitka PL 6 years ago +1
your video is really great but i agree with Kevinpsb, it's weird without material from final... you should wait and make movie from all matches...
Sebastian13Sw UA 6 years ago 0
IPLA na Ukrainie nie działa ... więc tylko jeden sposób, aby uzyskać polskiej lidze mecze - www.sport-video.net, ale teraz nie działa.
Zakonka PL 6 years ago +1
Great job. Music perfectly fit to this dynamic movie. This will be one of my favorite movie.
chrison PL 6 years ago +1
Great, dynamic movie. One of your best movies.
raylight BG 6 years ago +1
This is as usual masterpiece
jacek_torres PL 6 years ago +1
świetny film brawo !! a mecze możesz pobrać z ipli
Sllaveq BG 6 years ago +3
Brawo! You chose very good scenes! 5+
Sebastian13Sw UA 6 years ago +1
miejsca, w którym chciałem pobrać finale niestety nie działa teraz (www.sport-video.net), i nie wiem, gdzie można pobrać meczu finałowego! Przepraszamy!
Kevinpsb PL 6 years ago +1
Film dobry...
Tyle że albo mi się zdaję albo nie ma ani jednej akcji finału, więc TYTUŁ powinien być nieco inny...
Sebastian13Sw UA 6 years ago +3
NightFox BG 6 years ago +3
Fastastic movie Sebastian13Sw .... finally .... for weeks I haven't watch something good which is not a trailer.

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Malboro PL 6 years ago +2
Great movie!

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