Poland - Bulgaria (Highlights)

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Date: 1.10.2010
Place: "Banca Marche Palace", Ancona (ITA)
Match: Poland - Bulgaria 0:3 (second round, Group N)
Kind of tournament: World Championships 2010

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Overlook PL 7 years ago +2
Beautiful HL, many nice actions.
WOJT PL 7 years ago -4
All reordings of matches like this one should be destroyed, so that nobody can watch them.
Berny SK 7 years ago 0
Video is very special, but the music )) pretty heh. Thx anyway
Gregor PL 7 years ago +1
music owns ;D
bitka PL 7 years ago +1
Very good movie but the music is awful!
ogor PL 7 years ago 0
eRKa PL 7 years ago +1
I remember this hope after match Poland - Brasil.
"Awww, for sure we will beat Bulgaria tomorrow, then Cuba, Serbia and we are in final again"
Kaziyski and his team showed us where was our place in this tournament.

Sebastian, great video, awesome quality, quite nice (: song and the best actions. keep going!
NightFox BG 7 years ago +1
What a movie man ! Thanks a lot :]
Oli4 BE 7 years ago +2
1.25 haha
hanes233 EE 7 years ago +1
This match has awesome highligts, it was a quite intresting match in my opinionGood choise of music, awesome movie 5
Roninho PL 7 years ago +1
Bulgaria showed Poles how to play volleyball. It is a pity that Bulgaria has not won a medal. In addition to Polish, I like most is Bulgaria. Poland played in this match awful on defense. This is evident even in this video.

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