In match played in last Sunday Cuban Leonardo Leyva Martinez broke the world record scoring 59 points. The previous record belonged to Gavin Schmitt (he scored 58 points in Korean KOVO League 2011/12 , Samsung Bluefangs - LIG Greaters, 2.02.2012). Sunday's game was battle between Korean Champion: Samsung Bluefangs and Japanese Champion: Osaka Blazers Sakai. Team from Daejeon (Bluefangs) won Champion title for the sixth time in a row. In Japanese V-League won team from Osaka defeating Panasonic Panthers, 3:1. In V-League Top match Milan Pepic (Osaka Blazers Sakai) scored 28 points and Yuusuke Ishijima "Gottsu" (also Sakai) scored 20 points. Martinez score isn't nothing new in Asiatic leagues. Foreign stars score most points in the V-League and KOVO matches. added 22:15 24/04/2013 in Other, place 2419/13095
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Date: 21.04.2013
Place: "Xebio Arena", Sendai (JPN)
Match: Osaka Blazers Sakai - Samsung Bluefangs 3:2
Kind of tournament: KOVO vs. V-League Top Match 2012/13
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Someone PL 5 years ago
By the way: they don't know how to block when they barely jump: they have to just put their hands far of the net- and do not try to reach Martinez. It's harder to attack over the block than to attack straight ahead, with no compression, and high reach: the ball almast always would be out of bounds.

PS. Poor match- I don't know why is it have so much spectators. Korean league is better.
RevanExtasis PT 5 years ago
"I think the Korean and Japanese league are more watched then Italian or Russian." no shit, really ??? why?? i think is because of the fucking Football, in USA you have the best ice hockey league, best basketball league, best baseball league and best american football league but football is the main atraction in europe, and there is small sport like volleyball, handball or basketball for example which survive with low resources despite the fact that russia are paying millions right know, its not 3 or 4 millions but if a vb player reach a million is for sure the best of the world. or something
Someone PL 5 years ago
Takich analiz Gmoch by się nie powstydził
vatreni ME 5 years ago
In Japan and Korea vball is very popular sport, and that is the reason why they playing in ambient like this one. Those leagues have a pretty good quality, and matches are playing in front of a lot spectators. I think the Korean and Japanese league are more watched then Italian or Russian.
RevanExtasis PT 5 years ago
italy tv is very poor. even the hall of piacenza or trento is more little than this and they have less light as you can see, here when im seeing this match i can compare easily with a world championship match, the ambient, the lights, the clean taraflex or mondoflex and the replays they have good organization, and this was in japan for sure
eRKa PL 5 years ago
wooow, nice replays. I would like to see Italian Finals with this transmisson ;d

05:43 min. nice action, anyway.
RevanExtasis PT 5 years ago
this is asia hahaha, european and americans can be wild hahah
Nagor PL 5 years ago
I can see 2 volleyball players there.

Edit: And no referees.

Last edited by Nagor 5 years ago.

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