Olympiacos Piraeus - SV Bayer Wuppertal (short cut)

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Date: 10.03.1996
Place: "Peace and Friendship Stadium", Piraeus (GRE)
Match: Olympiacos Piraeus (GRE) - SV Bayer Wuppertal (GER) 3:2 (Final)
Kind of tournament: CEV Cup (Top Teams Cup) 1995/96
Commentary: Greek

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guest WO 9 years ago 0
as has been said: one-sided and sucky

Originally posted by heeelmooi from Netherlands
guest WO 9 years ago 0
A one-sided report of a game, obviously made by a Piraeus supporter. This is not sportsmanlike, sport is also about respect, but this video just wants to let the Wuppertal players look like complete idiots. (All the points except for those in the very end are for Olympiacos)

Originally posted by GermanBub from Germany
stiankir NO 9 years ago 0
haha, I feel sorry for the guys at Wuppertal when I see them at 8:44.
guest WO 9 years ago 0
Korea : Brazylia 1:2 (21:25, 25:22, 18:25) Internatinal volleyball 2006 Uwaga mecz nieskończony jutro podam wynik 4 seta ponieważ dzisiaj nie dalo rady skonczyc meczu bo byla juz godzina 21:00 i Kuba mówil że jutro skonczymy wiec sie nie martwcie jutro podam wynik

Originally posted by Cis from Burkina Faso
guest WO 9 years ago 0
I play for SV Bayer Wuppertal o0 xD

Originally posted by zannik from Germany
InivaridU PL 9 years ago 0
Szkoda, że tak mało akcji Osvaldo Hernandeza...
guest WO 9 years ago 0
very incredible olympiacos, it's as great as actually olympiacos

Originally posted by IVANILTERRIBILEMILJKOVIC93 from Italy
guest WO 9 years ago 0
Dont call it a "short-cut" if its a one-sided summary of the game. Those kind of videos suck anyway..

Originally posted by bernd from Germany
guest WO 9 years ago 0
nice match

Originally posted by admini from Germany

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