Only best players in that video: Bartosz Kurek, Giba, Sergio, Michal Lasko and many more... added 11:49 22/01/2012 in Other, place 39/13222
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New Boyz - Tough Kids feat. Sabi

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dyingflutsman NL 6 years ago
Giba, the hero.
Jassasfa SA 6 years ago
I loved the way he is look (Giba) the end of the video
GMCnetwork PL 6 years ago
And in Poland Not PlusLiga (League), but rep
HCLT BR 6 years ago
Quote (John17)
I have a dream! That one day TV channels broadcast Volley Ball game in prime time.

Thank God it’s reality here in Brazil. ;-)
John17 FR 6 years ago
I Have a dream ! That one day TV channels broadcast Volley Ball game in prime time...
RevanExtasis PT 6 years ago
thanks Zver maybe im wrong most part of the time, but i care about the times people and in this site we have at least 8 o7 master piece work and any of them have is real rating so that let me angry
zver PL 6 years ago
@RevanExtasis +1
RevanExtasis PT 6 years ago
This for chrinson about this site, i have an idea to improve more the video rating system, all people here knows that every time when a master piece video shows up and deserve a 5 stars rating, always come a clown a rating that video with 1 and this is just unfair, i know most of the people dont mind about this, but i talk for all those people that spend time and more time and in the end they want a 5 and someone make that those hours in a 4.5 or 4.9, my point is why dont put only the rating system for the movie creator only like a judge system, its my better decistion because only they know the hard work when they make a movie so thats my idea and good work. and of course NO ACTA or SOPA
RevanExtasis PT 6 years ago
dude you have great skils continue this work, the poland national team video was awesome this dont have anything to envy to that one. Good Luck.
misiek95 PL 6 years ago
fantastic video- simply
natii_7 PL 6 years ago
volleyball its incredible game ! : DD
RenanZ BR 6 years ago
Six stars !

That could easily be the "official movie" of this site!
pearl IT 6 years ago
Nice one
Gibaaaaaaa's face
Nagor PL 6 years ago
Ohh it is my opinion, you musn't agree with it 2 ppl didnt agree
bitka PL 6 years ago
one of the best Nagor! it's impossible to choose just one...
tysia PL 6 years ago
och GMCnetwork on !
We waiting, when you joined here
another nice your video
We welcome you
Nagor PL 6 years ago
Best movies on this site...
Kris PL 6 years ago
agatttka3t PL 6 years ago
Love it ! like all your videos !
raylight BG 6 years ago
Giba is only 192 cm, Visotto, Muserskiy or Simon could handle him


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