Michał Łasko

Michał Łasko

Height: 202cm
Weight: 98kg
Spike: 348cm
Block: 337cm
Current club: Roma Volley (Italy)

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Nicolasvolei BR 2 years ago
Why ruled out the video ?
KamilTM PL 6 years ago
Best opposite in PlusLiga!
vtnklmdc PL 7 years ago
If someone doesn't know,you can see this video in HD
1.Turn on the movie
2.Then click on the name of the HD
3.You will see the writing "Guess what, you can watch this video in High Definition on Vimeo"
4.Click "watch this video in High Definition on Vimeo"
5.Video link you will be in a new tab
6.Now just turn on the video and enjoy the HD quality
Much better how you see

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Asia6 PL 7 years ago
Great video! Very nice actions, good music and excellent quality.
zver PL 7 years ago
great quality, and ofc great video
Kjeldhor IT 7 years ago
yeah, i really miss sky service
hanes233 EE 7 years ago
SkysportHD has amazing quality, never seen this good picture quality and picture this smooth
Great movie!
raylight BG 7 years ago
Thanks! I've got to look World Cup matches there
tysia PL 7 years ago
@bitka: yes you're right, everything can change
but as for me so far he is the best
Grozer has forms hesitation, winning Sovia depends on him. Rozuzier and Oivanen have a form decrease. I understand that they play in NT and in club but Łasko also play this
like you said this is probably his best season.I happy that Konarski also presented great, although I doubt that this young player will is the best attacker and Wlazły? also performs good job, but the more I admire Łasko because he's behind the season in NT and still at the club and Wlazły game only in club just can't therefore speak of a large fatigue
but like you said: everything can change

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vtnklmdc PL 7 years ago
raylight BG 7 years ago
Lasko improved last year

Where did you find Sky Sport HD?!
Wilfredo_is_Marshall RS 7 years ago
I love the song! Really good song choice. 5*
Malboro PL 7 years ago
Fajnie dobrane akcje. 90% tych ataków nie została nawet dotknięta w obronie
bitka PL 7 years ago
for sure it's his best season so far but hold on tysia. we can't say that he is the best attacker in plusliga. maybe one of the best but that's all
WITAM PL 7 years ago
I always wanted to be left-handed
phoenix09 IT 7 years ago
He always scores the most difficult and important points.. he's one of those players who can solve a lot of complex situations if he goes to Macerata,I would be so happy,too
vtnklmdc PL 7 years ago
The Corrs - Breathless
andre PL 7 years ago

5 oczywiście

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Nagor PL 7 years ago
1:21 who won this action?
vtnklmdc PL 7 years ago
Yesterday I sat through 5 in the morning to do a movie about him,today in the morning i send video on youtube but the song was blocked,of course movie on dailymotion also was rejected like on youtube
how you see on vimeo is very bad quality but I had no strength to create new movie with new music: (
honestly it doesn't surprise me that i got ratings such as seen


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