Finally! Some footage about me. added 16:45 19/12/2012 in Me playing volleyball, place 2384/13075
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raylight BG 5 years ago
Nice hit on 1:35
RenanZ BR 5 years ago
I'm 1,84m ( ) . Actually, never measured how high can I reach, but can easily pass the basket hoop
MasterOPuppets MK 5 years ago
how tall are you and how much do you reach?
samueleke BE 5 years ago
Not bad I think you got a strange arm-swing.. kind of Joao José It's nice
Toto EG 5 years ago
Greaat dudeeee
RenanZ BR 5 years ago
HEaheahhea... Actually, I really rather faster balls, the difficult is to combine this with the setter.

....and how I wish to be like Murilo, in every sense...
Someone PL 5 years ago
Very good approach, but I think that your hang time is a little too long. You can reach the ball higher when you would hit the ball earlier. Just sayin'.

PS. You are a little bit look-like Murilo
Wilfredo_is_Marshall RS 5 years ago
you are the best on your team

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