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kania PL 6 years ago
beautiful action
Asia6 PL 6 years ago
Zakonka PL 6 years ago
One of my favorite action. I watched it so many times, but I'm still impressed by the defense.
fabi3 AT 7 years ago
perfect finish by barte
fadel BH 7 years ago
kapitan_bomba PL 7 years ago
Incredible action
Oli4 BE 7 years ago
Proof that volleyball players have no condition ; look at Kurek
jannkes PL 7 years ago
zajebista akcja mega obrony !
oioi PL 7 years ago
Very impressive, shame we couldn't keep up at the end of the sets but it was a nice match.
zver PL 7 years ago
Sergio, could be also a great setter
rbk17 PL 7 years ago
Ignaczak for that moment is undisputed player in defend in WL
hanes233 EE 7 years ago
There are only a few rallys on this page that are the same level, the insane level of play
Carlos ES 7 years ago
0:25 Wow!! incredible
Zyta PL 7 years ago
JRios our new team is young, that's why we may have problems at the ends of sets, Kurek and especially Bartman need to calm down and it will be better, I hope.
But yes, our defense was pretty good.
JRios CL 7 years ago
Both of matches were incredible. Kurek was the very best one in court. Also Poland defense system was too fine tuned. I couldn't believe Poland playing like that in defense. Even I was supporting brazilian team, I'm sure Poland was better in both matches (it lost in small details). Anastasi needs to work hard focusing on end of sets. Brazil had no easy weekend with Poland. Playing with this spirit we can expect too much from Poland. Congrats from Chile.
PS: Next weekend I will fly from Santiago to Belo Horizonte to see Brazil x USA. I have lots of college friends living in Belo. At the same time I will found them and also see this spetacular match. I hope the match can be like Brazil x Poland.
Rachel BR 7 years ago
Congratulations to both teams for this moment of great volleyball, played in such high level.
Poland and Brazil play volleyball with great passion, it's beautiful to see it.
PS: great idea making a movie about Sergio.
rsjabber_mks PL 7 years ago
Gdzie można obejrzeć dzisiejszy mecz poza powtórkami na PolsacieSport?
Wybrałem grę w plażówke zamiast obejrzenia tego meczu i chciałem nadrobić zaległość Z góry dzięki za info
eRKa PL 7 years ago
I love THIS polish team, they fight, they want to train and play hard and don't cry.
In the most important moments we loose control and spike out or in block, but anyway I think that Poland is strong this year.
Milka PL 7 years ago
Nagor I agree with you Fantasic! Very, very good matches.
Milka PL 7 years ago
It was awesome! A lot of digs - this is it what i like the most!


Roninho Toruń, Poland

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