An impressive spike in the Polish Second League, very similar to the one that Earvin N'Gapeth presented in match against Lube Banca Macerata. There is similar action made by Polish wing-spiker: Piotr Ilewicz. In match MOS Wola Warszawa - UZS UW Warszawa played Alan Wasilewski who signed a contract with German VfB Friedrichshafen. added 17:02 03/02/2015 in Actions, place 13/13199
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Player: Piotr Ilewicz
Date: 31.01.2015
Place: Warsaw (POL)
Match: MOS Wola Warszawa - AZS UW Warszawa 3:0 (regular season - 16th round)
Kind of tournament: Polish Second League 2014/15

Comments (8)

Baodomsir VN 3 years ago
nothing special in clip
Wilfredo_is_Marshall RS 3 years ago
which players are you rafaello94?
zver PL 3 years ago
lol 52 łapki w górę o_O pewnie ziomki założyli konta i lajkowali
kamila040 PL 3 years ago
Jaki wyskok! Super Ilek!
paaulinaa93 PL 3 years ago
gajek PL 3 years ago
lepszy niż nGapeth
Cziken09 PL 3 years ago
Czapka nie spadła, a punkt jest !! Brawo Ilek xD
scorpio111888 PL 3 years ago
piruetu nie było


rafaello94 Gdynia, Poland

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