Date: 16.09.1995
Place: Athens (GRE)
Match: Italy - Netherlands 3:2 (final)
Kind of tournament: European Championships 1995
Commentary: Italian

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HCLT BR 6 years ago
Tofoli was the target of Brazilian fans and players. I remember the Italian reporters teasing coach Jose Roberto Guimaraes about Paulao, one of our MBs, who wasn’t in the same level of Carlao (an alien for sure). The Italians used to say that Paulao wasn’t good enough to be in the line-up (Jorge Edson was better, but too short). Jose Roberto replied saying, “I can use Paulao, no problem, you Italians play without a setter”, in a reference to Tofoli. Later Tofoli admitted the constant mocking bugged him.

I heard Vullo was a troublemaker, but maybe it was just a rumour. He was not brilliant, but definitely better than Tofoli in my opinion.
pearl IT 6 years ago
True, after Barcelona 92 Netherlands was our Cuba had been before Brazil 90!!

Tofoli was a great setter, the kind of setter who doesn't shine on court himself but make his team-mates shine bright. I know you don't like him but i do. Maybe Vullo was a more spectacular player...but with Paolo we won almost everything, and all his teammates played in harmony with him and in a successful way...Fabio only split the squad.
HCLT BR 6 years ago
The Dutch tried hard after a disastrous beginning in tie-break, but it was too late.

Except for Tofoli, we see only fantastic or at least very good players on the court. Two great squads. Team Italy was stronger, but in the following year they felt a bitter taste as Netherlands had a sweet revenge.
pearl IT 6 years ago
I remember this match! The commentator was Jacopo Volpi, the "legendary voice" of Italian Volleyball on tv in the '90s. How many wonderful players you can see here guys, from both sides!! Italy was playing with some of those from the "Generazione di Fenomeni" (9 Bernardi, 10 Cantagalli, 5 Tofoli, 13 Giani, 8 Bracci) with some players of the "second phenomenal generation" that replaced the aliens before mentioned. In particular, you can see 3 Gravina, 6 Papi and 16 a baby Vigor Bovolenta.
But also the Dutch NT was awesome: 12 Blangè, 8 Zwerver, 9 Van der Goor, 11 Van der Meulen (bloody )...and 5 Guido Gorzen (don't remember if his surname was written like this, but i remember him 'cause he has an italian name "Guido" LOL). Many of these played in Italy.
One more thing and then i won't bother you anymore : 0:38 Henk-Jan Held...current head-coach of S. Giustino in Serie A1
adi_tiger PL 6 years ago
fadel BH 6 years ago
Lorenzo Bernardi is the best player certainly
His performance amazing
Danieleverovolley IT 6 years ago
Generazione di Fenomeni!
Kjeldhor IT 6 years ago


grozni Danilovgrad, Montenegro

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