Italian players singing AC/DC - Highway to Hell

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The Italian volleyball has made ​​a cover of the famous song by AC/DC - Highway to Hell, only with creating the musical base for the iPad GarageBand application, without the use of real musical instruments.
Players: Andrea Bari, Michal Lasko, Emanuele Birarelli, Simone Buti, Andrea Giovi, Cristian Savani and Dragan Travica.
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KamilTM PL 5 years ago 0
almfs PT 6 years ago 0
nice video
vane PH 6 years ago 0
this video is hilarious! i have this on my "favorites". i like their formation during chorus. haha. Savani's high pitched voice is just cute. only Lasko can sing the song. haha
fadel BH 6 years ago -1
Andrea Bari is the leader of the song
Asia6 PL 6 years ago 0
fadel BH 6 years ago +1
Very crazy
Habetik CZ 7 years ago +2
No comment
ross925 IT 7 years ago +2
2:27 the walk of travica ahahahah
Sllaveq BG 7 years ago +4
I'll invite them to sing on my wedding.. hehe
oioi PL 7 years ago +3
Hhahaha Travica and Bari are hilarious, Lasko rocks too
AleNickel RO 7 years ago +1
oh, this is great hahaha they sound like the characters from the Muppets Show! )
awesome, these guys are multi-talented
Andrut PL 7 years ago +3
Hahaha, freaks
hanes233 EE 7 years ago +2
They are pros eaven in singing

Bari's voice is the best, I like the part where they all sing together
fiore BG 7 years ago +6
Notice what ''microphones'' they are using!
raylight BG 7 years ago +6
Birarreli looks like intellectual with these glasses
Sllaveq BG 7 years ago -1
They're good
Voxito AR 7 years ago +1
They have a great replacement for AC/DC when Brian Johnson withdraws from the band.
Rachel BR 7 years ago +2
What a nice way to relax and have fun...yes, Lasko is just great, a surprising "new" quality for him.
Voxito AR 7 years ago +1
Nice chorus.
Gregor PL 7 years ago +3
Big talents, rly

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