Isac is a young promise in the middle blocker position. He joined Sada Cruzeiro in 2013/14 and has accumulated many titles. He was twice a club world champion (2015 and 2013), twice a South American champion (2016 and 2014), and was chosen as the best middle blocker of the tournament in two editions, and a runner-up (2015). He is a three-time champion of the Superliga (2013/14 , 2014/15 and 2015/16 ), a champion of the Supercopa (2015), twice a Copa Brasil Champion (2014 and 2016 ) and three times a Mineiro champion (2013, 2014 and 2015). added 08:42 10/04/2018 in Players, place 12165/13194
Isac Viana

Isac Viana (Isac Santos)

Height: 208cm
Weight: 99kg
Spike: 339cm
Block: 306cm
Current club: Sada Cruzeiro Vôlei (Brazil)

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