Incredible set by Paweł Zagumny

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Player: Paweł Zagumny
Date: 14.12.2011
Place: "Pala Trento", Trentino (ITA)
Match: Trentino Volley (ITA) - Kędzierzyn-Koźle (POL) 2:3 (Group C, 3rd round)
Kind of tournament: European Champions League 2011/12 (Elimination Round)
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KamilTM PL 6 years ago 0
0:20 omg this is setter this ball was very baad
EPINEPHRINEable BG 6 years ago 0
incredible save LOL
kania PL 6 years ago 0
Juantorena very suprised nice action
volleyboy03 HU 6 years ago +2
the old fox nice save
EdoKaglie IT 6 years ago 0
Impressive precision
fadel BH 6 years ago 0
Save a great
saku PL 6 years ago 0
i remember our discusinon about setters ( Zagumny too ) many months ago,so i dont wnat to share it again,

about Zygadlo, he is was wasted in trento, from perspective players he bacame craftsman, he get chance this year to lead team which is based on defence and quite fast play, he adaptaed but he wont be grat setter, ever
hanes233 EE 6 years ago 0
You make great jokes Henrique, like: Be careful when you talk about Trentino or their fans can get really angry
raylight BG 6 years ago 0
I agree with Henrique, Garcia will feel like wasting his time in Trentino, their style is different but yet effective, although with him Trentino will be better team
BTW, I am also fan of Lebl
HCLT BR 6 years ago +4
Pesazi, did you see USSR playing 50 years ago? Just kidding! lol

Obviously if Ricardo played for Trentino they’d be faster, but to execute only that game hiring Ricardo would be a waste. It’d be like buying a Porsche to drive only on a low-speed road. Be careful when you talk about Trentino or their fans can get really angry. ;-)

As for Zygadlo, you’re damn right! Being on Trentino roster doesn’t make him a great setter. Even the best teams have their share of common players.

Maybe it’s too early to evaluate Tichacek at PlusLiga. I like him a lot. The Czech team is good, maybe they need more experience, you know, get to play more matches against the big guys. Too bad Lebl belonged to another generation, he was one of my favourite middle players. Can you imagine a team with Tichacek, Stokr and Lebl. Very competitive, eh!

NXT, no worries. :-)
Overlook PL 6 years ago 0
pesazi, this all post was irony, maybe expect that I don’t see genius of Bruno and last part I really don’t like Zygadlo’s style of playing and think even if we assume that he has some potential, he wasted it in Trento. And this sentence about Stoychev – it wasn’t me who first started joking;-)
NXT PL 6 years ago +1
Ok Henrique - I didn't notice irony there Not so easy while I can't hear your voice and see your face. For me at least
Aelinn PL 6 years ago 0
I've got to say, I agree almost totally with you, Pesazi.
Both when it comes to Trentino's play and your opinion that being in Trento doesn't automatically make a player great.

When it comes to Guma, I think he used to be better 3-4 years ago, don't know if it qualifies for wasting one's potential, but I clearly see that he played worse for example during the last WCH (which were a total disaster for us, by the way). I can't really say anything about his play in the NT this year, because he only joined for the World Cup and didn't have many chances to play, because Anastasi trusted Zygadlo, who played the whole NT season. I hope Guma can be back to his very good play in the next NT season, because he really makes a difference when it comes to our NT. In his club he plays well, I think, at least I haven't seen him playing bad.
That's all I have to say about him, actually

When it comes to Tichacek - so far I am really disappointed in his play in Rzeszow. Don't either know what happened to him. I understand that it is a new club, new league and new teammates and he needs time, but still, he should already play a little bit better. He played with Grozer or Gontariu before, so he knows those players and I cannot say that his sets to either one of them have blown me away. I hope he can improve pretty quickly because Resovia needs him, they need a good setter and in good form.

Last edited by Aelinn 6 years ago.

pesazi DE 6 years ago +2
Okay, obviously I exaggerated a bit talking over Trentos slow game. It`s not as bad as the USSR 50 years ago...
What I wanted to explain, is that Trento doesn't need a Ricardo-like setter, because they dont play the superfunky, supersonic speed volleyball. And that means Zygadlo is not automatically a great setter, just for playing in Trento.

@NightFox: Trento's pipe is pretty standart, for sure not the fastest version. The sets to the outside position are average, I would say slower than the CL average.(And yes, I've seen most games they played in the past years, at least in the CL)

@Henrique: Not sure if Zagumny wasted his potential, you might be right about that. Still I think he was one of the best setters some years ago. And he was one of the reasons for the polish volleyball boom. Gotta give him credit for that.
BTW, you mentioned Tichacek. I saw him a lot in Friedrichshafen, and back then, I would share your oppinion that he could be a great setter in the next years. But his last performances in Rzeszow made me wonder what happened to his game. He played bad and was substituted early. Very strange.

Last edited by pesazi 6 years ago.

HCLT BR 6 years ago +1
Okay, calm down. lol

Simon is back. Now you have a different reason to watch vball than Trentino. ;-)

Let's get back to Guma.
NightFox BG 6 years ago 0
Yes I'm and I watch almost every match of Trentino if I can. That's way I can argue about that.
HCLT BR 6 years ago +1
Pesazi, I think Guma was good once, had a lot of potential. I have some matches of him very young and I thought he could make a difference. Dunno if you remember Stelmach, such a predictable setter. Whenever Guma was on the court, you could see Poland playing better. Maybe the fact his game was never effective against Brazil makes me see him just as an ordinary setter. I won’t make comparisons with some names, I guess you know who I’m thinking about. Sure, there are lots better than him out there. He could have been great, but he got lost at some point, dunno how or when.

I won’t waste my time making comments about Zygadlo, but I think Trentino doesn’t play only the way you described.

NightFox, I didn’t know you’re a Trentino freak. I’m afraid of you. ;-)
hanes233 EE 6 years ago 0
Trento plays fast balls quite often, eaven to the wing-spikers.
NightFox BG 6 years ago +2
pesazi - you didn't wrote your homework man . You're claiming that Trentino can't play fast balls but you probebly don't watch so often Trentino. For example when Juantorena is in zone 2 - the ball to him is super short ... like a center, of course if there is a nice reception. The pipes of Trentino are really fast too. And why do they have to speed up the game into the outsiders if they can overpower every block in the world. Speed up the ball is unnecessary risk , because they don't have to speed the game. And once again I'm telling you when you don't understand something - don't write about it (that's how you'll look smarter in our eyes).
pesazi DE 6 years ago +1
@Overlook: Do you really think that Zygadlo should be more recognised for beeing chosen by Stoychev?

Okay, Trento is quite a good team, but only because of their outside hitters, which can overpower most teams.
The setter of the team has only little to none impact to their success. All he has to do is sending high balls to the outside hitters. None of them can handle fast sets.
Did you realize that Trento was still successfull when Grbic left and Rafael came? Grbic was a dizillion times better, but his skills weren't needed.

@Henrique: I don't think Zagumny is mediocre. He is definitly a good setter and leader, but there are better ones out there.

Edith: How in the world do I quote??

Last edited by pesazi 6 years ago.

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