Athanasios Protopsaltis 4th meter spike18.08.2018
Thanks to their impressive 3:0 victory in Örebro, Greece is on the first place in Group G with a maximum number of poin…
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Esko & Porkka great action (Denmark - Finland)18.08.2018
Finland opened their campaign in Group A with a 3:1 victory against Denmark. 10 points out of 174 scored in total made t…
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Kert Toobal trick action (Latvia - Estonia)19.08.2018
A couple of unbelievable saves at the net by both teams topped off by a "setter's special" served by Kert Toobal. Estoni…
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Brazil - Netherlands (full match)20.08.2018
Second friendly match between Brazil and the Netherlands. Wallace de Souza was the best scorer of the match with 14 poin…
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 Jiang Chuan  in VNL 201822.08.2018
Jiang had outstanding performance in VNL, he scored 273 points in the tournament, finally ranked the top scorer while th…
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Pavel Kuklinski in World Championships Qualifications 201826.05.2017
The wing-spiker from Belarus: Pavel Kuklinski with number 20 the during World Championships Qualifications 2018. There a…
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Graham Vigrass in VNL 201821.08.2018
A 28-year-old Vigrass was recently crowned German Bundesliga champion with Berlin Volleys. He was named best middle-bloc…
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Volleyball Explained: Lecture of Radostin Stoychev (PART2)21.08.2018
This episode of Volleyball Explained covers three main topics: What does attack efficiency mean, how do we do block cove…
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Sam Boehm in season 2017/1816.08.2018
He is 30 years old beach (since 2003) and indoor hall player (since 2014). In season 2017/18 he playing as opposite for …
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Arturo Iglesias in season 2017/1819.08.2018
Movie showing performances during the season 2017/18 in Serie A2. Setter from Puerto Rico played for Reggio Emmilia. Now…
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Igor De Sousa Soares in season 2017/1819.08.2018
He began his career in 2008. Passed by teams of Santos FC, Esporte Clube Pinheiros, Montes Claros Vôlei, Praia Clube Ub…
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Volley Amriswil - Sir Safety Perugia (long rally)16.11.2016
Surrounded by the electrifying atmosphere contributed by 1500 fans, Volley Amriswil played probably the best match in th…
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Paul Buchegger ace serve (Austria - Croatia)15.08.2018
The man of the match was Paul Buchegger. In a very tight encounter the 22-year-old opposite made the difference. He was …
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Mathias Loftesnes amazing spike15.08.2018
One of the best spikes by leader of Norway team: Mathias Loftesnes. He said: "I feel sad that we didn’t win. In some m…
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Hungary - Macedonia (last point)15.08.2018
Lots of great matches in the opening leg of the qualification for EuroVolley 2019. The tightest of all matches was witho…
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Filip Despotovski cheat (Hungary - Macedonia)15.08.2018
Watch out Filip Despotovski Macedonian player pulling the net in the crucial period of the game. The most unsportsmanlik…
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The best pipes in VNL 201812.08.2018
Great movie with just best pipes in the inaugural edition of the Volleyball Nations League. Tournaments were hosted by 1…
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Volleyball Explained Intro14.08.2018
It's the intro of my Volleyball Youtube Channel! Full of interesting volleyball clips, devoted to expand it even more.
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Volleyball Explained: Lecture of Radostin Stoychev (Best of)16.08.2018
The first episode of Volleyball Explained is devoted to the lecture of the best Bulgarian and one of the best volleyball…
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Best of Nikola Grbic - the Coach14.08.2018
One of the most passionate coaches the volleyball world has ever seen! Nikola Grbic - the current national team's coach …
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Stocznia Szczecin 2018/1913.08.2018
The new volleyball project of Radostin Stoychev, accompanied by Matey Kaziyski, Bartosz Kurek, Nikolay Penchev, Simon Va…
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Dream Team Volleyball 201730.08.2017
Who will you chooose? Write in the comments!
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Rap by Earvin N'Gapeth (Klima)01.09.2017
Ngapeth has a pseudonym Klima from the age of twelve - he was nicknamed so for his spontaneity, ability to communicate w…
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TOP10 Spikes in 3rd meter by Aleksandar Atanasijević15.11.2017
Amazing spikes of worldwide superstar of volleyball: Aleksandar Atanasijević. He is a European Champion 2011, medalist …
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Saeid Marouf in Grand Champions Cup 201701.01.2018
There are some shots from tournament in Japan. Great action performed by Saeid Marouf. He is a player of Emma Villas Sie…
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Russia in World League 2017 (Best Spikes)28.08.2017
Last year, Russia finished sixth in the Final Six in Rio de Janeiro.
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Poland in 2015-16 (Best Spikes)10.05.2017
Best spikes in last years. There are actions from World League and World Cup.
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 Ilia Vlasov in World League 201707.07.2017
Movie about Russian player: Ilia Vlasov (212cm) with fast arm. His team took 6th place in the overall final standings o…
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Hisham Ewais in World Championships U23 201707.09.2017
Hisham Ewais is remarkable for his popularity with the Egyptian fans and is playing in the same position as Egyptian leg…
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Dan McDonnell in World League 201706.11.2017
Dan McDonnell was an alternate to the Olympic Team 2016 and played in some World League 2016 matches after Max Holt was …
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» Rosters 2018/19

Where they will play in next season?
Matīss Gabdulļins
Kamil Szewczyk
Robert Nicholson
Yuriy Flyunt
Peetu Mäkinen
Andrija Vilimanović
Cesare Casulli
Joan Perelló
Vladislav Didenko
Marko Vukašinović
Luciano Vicentín
Tatsuya Fukuzawa
Hubert Jankuniec
Daisuke Yako
Lubos Kostolani
Viktors Korzenevics
Ivan Borovnjak
Thiago Vanole Nogueira Silva
Patryk Laskowski
Arvydas Miseikis
Artur Sabynich
Ignat Danilov
Janusz Guzdek
Can Ayvazoğlu
Ionuț Teleleu
Porya Yali
Michal Bartoszak
Luis Bertran
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» Scorebox
Men Champions League 2018/19
Men Italian Serie A1 2018/19
Men Russian Superleague 2018/19
Men CEV Cup 2018/19
Men Brazilian Superliga 2018/19
Men Plusliga 2018/19
Men French Ligue A 2018/19
Men Deutsche Volleyball-Bundesliga 2018/19

2018-10-08-17-00, 1st round
2 : 3
2018-10-09-17-00, 1st round
0 : 3
2018-10-09-18-15, 1st round
3 : 0
2018-10-09-18-30, 1st round
2 : 3
2018-10-10-16-00, 1st round
0 : 3
2018-10-10-16-30, 1st round
2 : 3
2018-10-10-17-00, 1st round
1 : 3
2018-10-11-17-00, 1st round
1 : 3
2018-10-16-16-00, 1st round
3 : 1
2018-10-17-15-00, 1st round
3 : 1
2018-10-17-16-00, 1st round
3 : 0
2018-10-17-17-00, 1st round
2 : 3
2018-10-17-18-00, 1st round
3 : 0
2018-10-17-18-25, 1st round
2018-10-17-18-30, 1st round
3 : 1
2018-10-17-18-30, 1st round
3 : 0

» Players looking for a club (97)

Marjan Spasic
Eric Girard
Ilouoni Ngampourou
Nemanja Miljkovic
José Mulero
Joseph Norman
Yi Yao Tan
Miguel Angelo Brito Alves
Collins Okoth
Viktor Sysoev
Santiago Álvarez
Tobias French
Ofek Molcho
Evander Fernandes
Yurii Kalynskiy
Rafael Albornoz
Artur Sabynich
Kristijan Šućur
Auffray Amaury
Pedro Moreira
Patryk Szymański
Youssef Sallam
Matej Ivić
Kyrylo Klochko
Zach Melcher
Martin Ivanov
Radoslav Smatrakalev
Michał Moniak
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