Jiseok Jung in VNL 201808.09.2018
Jiseok Jung currently plays for the Korean Airlines in the V-League. He joined to South Korean senior national team in 2…
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The best monster spikes in VNL 201814.06.2018
Only 1 day to World Championship in Bulgaria and Italy. Now you can see best spikes in the Volleyball Nations League 201…
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Caetano Filter Taça in match Benfica - Academica de Espinho07.04.2018
Three best actions by Caetano Filter in Final Four of Portuguese Cup 2017/2018. Some actions in the semi-final against B…
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Agustín Loser in VNL 201826.08.2018
The 20-year-old middle blocker was born in General Alvear, province of Mendoza. Undoubtedly, he is one of the players th…
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USA - Iran (full match)06.09.2018
American team began its official warmup for the World Championshis. They won against Iran at the "Ljubljana Volleyball C…
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WCH 2018: USA (ROSTER)06.09.2018
USA coach John Speraw has picked a squad for the World Championship 2018. Captain Taylor Sander, Matt Anderson, Aaron Ru…
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France - Serbia (short cut)02.09.2018
Team from France played without Earvin Ngapeth, who suffered from a stomach injury. Julien Lyneel and Kevin Tillie score…
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Best spikers in VNL 201806.09.2018
Some of the top plays by spikers in the Volleyball Nations League. The inaugural tournament ended with the spectacular M…
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Matthew Anderson in VNL 201805.09.2018
Matthew Anderson helped the USA won 3rd place. He said: About the VNL, the issue is that it starts so early in the summ…
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Setter and the organisation of the attack05.09.2018
This video is devoted to the role of the setter on the pitch and to the organisation of the attack depending on the rece…
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Argentina - Brazil (full match)20.08.2018
Argentina defeated Brazil in five thrilling sets (25:27, 25:17, 25:22, 25:27, 15:10) winning the championship match of t…
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WCH 2018: Competition formula04.09.2018
The tournament will feature a total of 24 teams. It will see the participation of two teams from South America, four fro…
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Interview with Vladimir Grbić04.09.2018
This is Vladimir Grbić, the former Yugoslav volleyball star and Olympic champion at Sydney 2000. Watch him discuss #MyS…
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Earvin N'Gapeth in VNL 201804.09.2018
Huge spikes, blocks and aces in one movie. In serving, Earvin Ngapeth finished top of the best servers list in the whole…
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Tobias French in season 2017/1804.09.2018
My highlights from last season, playing for TV Bliesen Volleyball Club. I played with number 11, in the blue jersey.
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Bojan Strugar in season 2016/1728.08.2017
Highlights of 23 years old spiker from Montenegro who plays in Top Volley Latina and National team in season 2016/17. He…
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Dream Team of the U23 World Championship 201729.08.2017
Two Argentina players have been rewarded for their efforts in taking their team to gold in the World Championship U23 by…
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Wanderson Campos in season 2017/1813.08.2018
Known for his great spikes on the wing. Passed by 9 teams in his career.
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Red Cards in Volleyball10.01.2018
Attacks of fury presented by such players like: Srecko Lisniac, Egor Kliuka, Michał Kubiak, Mohammad Mousavi, Micah Chr…
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Terrel Bramwell20.09.2017
Canadian volleyball player Terrel Bramwell measures his vertical in a very cool way. Great movie for us to watch, share …
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Aleksandar Atanasijević in VNL 201831.08.2018
Aleksandar Atanasijević is most certainly the best Serbian volleyball player, but he can further improve, which means t…
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Dmitriy Muserskiy in VNL 201830.08.2018
Dmitriy Muserskiy was was named "Best Blocker" in that tournament. His team won over hosts France in the final of the c…
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Saeid Marouf in VNL 201829.08.2018
These are the best actions of Iran's charismatic captain Mir Saeid Marouflakrani, better known by the shorter version of…
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TOP10 Best Actions by Ivan Zaytsev29.08.2018
Finally I find some time,idea to make a movie, I back with Ivan Zaytsev movie, hope you like it. Watch in HD.
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Jonas Kvalen fantastic spike25.08.2018
Strong spike of Jonas Kvalen in match in the qualifications for the European Championship 2019. This victory gives the N…
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Juraj Zatko single block (Slovakia - Republic of Moldavia)22.08.2018
Setter of Slovakian NT: Juraj Zatko single-handedly stops Moldavian attack. He was awarded as best player of the match. …
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Masahiro Yanagida in VNL 201828.08.2018
Masahiro Yanagida enjoys superstar status in Japan. He may only be 1.86m tall, but the explosiveness of his jumps, his …
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Volleyball Explained: The secrets of the time-out29.08.2018
What should a coach do during a time-out? What shouldn't? What is the psychology of a time-out? Movie with Radostin Stoy…
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Poland - Russia (full match)26.08.2018
Decisive game between Poland and Russia. It was a very good match for the Polish fans before the start of the World Cham…
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Russia - Canada (full match)25.08.2018
Russia was leading 2:0 but afterwards the Canadian team showed a bit of different playing style. The tie-break was a rea…
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» Rosters 2018/19

Where they will play in next season?
Alireza Mobasheri
Ma Xiaoteng
Enes Dustinac
Victor Gomes
Robert Szczerbaniuk
Ruyther Dos Santos Tesoura
Vinicius Raguzzoni
Hafsteinn Valdimarsson
Abd Elhalim
Cedomir Stankovic
Kirill Borichev
Alejo Gallego
Ali Shafiei
Mauricio Zanette Mugnaini
Vuk Milutinović
Karol Gajo
Dennis Del Valle
Dusan Bader
Piotr Borkowski
Michael dos Santos
Ghasem Karkhaneh
Marlon Dos Santos
Javad Hosseinabadi
Joan Perelló
Pedro Farago
Damian Pawłowski
Jan Helenius
Dariusz Jakubek
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» Scorebox
Men Champions League 2018/19
Men Italian Serie A1 2018/19
Men Russian Superleague 2018/19
Men CEV Cup 2018/19
Men Brazilian Superliga 2018/19
Men Plusliga 2018/19
Men French Ligue A 2018/19
Men Deutsche Volleyball-Bundesliga 2018/19

2018-10-08-17-00, 1st round
2 : 3
2018-10-09-17-00, 1st round
0 : 3
2018-10-09-18-15, 1st round
3 : 0
2018-10-09-18-30, 1st round
2 : 3
2018-10-10-16-00, 1st round
0 : 3
2018-10-10-16-30, 1st round
2 : 3
2018-10-10-17-00, 1st round
1 : 3
2018-10-11-17-00, 1st round
1 : 3
2018-10-16-16-00, 1st round
3 : 1
2018-10-17-15-00, 1st round
3 : 1
2018-10-17-16-00, 1st round
3 : 0
2018-10-17-17-00, 1st round
2 : 3
2018-10-17-18-00, 1st round
3 : 0
2018-10-17-18-25, 1st round
2 : 3
2018-10-17-18-30, 1st round
3 : 1
2018-10-17-18-30, 1st round
3 : 0
2018-10-23-17-00, 2nd round
2018-10-23-18-15, 2nd round
2018-10-24-16-00, 2nd round
2018-10-24-17-00, 2nd round
2018-10-31-19-25, 2nd round

» Players looking for a club (97)

Marjan Spasic
Eric Girard
Ilouoni Ngampourou
Nemanja Miljkovic
José Mulero
Joseph Norman
Yi Yao Tan
Miguel Angelo Brito Alves
Collins Okoth
Viktor Sysoev
Santiago Álvarez
Tobias French
Ofek Molcho
Evander Fernandes
Yurii Kalynskiy
Rafael Albornoz
Artur Sabynich
Kristijan Šućur
Auffray Amaury
Pedro Moreira
Patryk Szymański
Youssef Sallam
Matej Ivić
Kyrylo Klochko
Zach Melcher
Martin Ivanov
Radoslav Smatrakalev
Michał Moniak
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