USA - Canada (short cut)21.09.2018
The Americans recorded their best start in the history of the championship while Canada lost its third consecutive game …
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Brazil - Australia (short cut)21.09.2018
The players coached by Renan Dal Zotto collected three important points on the road to Turin. Wallace De Souza together …
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Italy - Slovenia (short cut)18.09.2018
Team from Italy remains unbeaten in Group A. The hosting team will move to Group E in Milan for the second round, where…
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Bulgaria - Poland (Highlights)18.09.2018
Poland finished in first place in Group D after five consecutive wins. The last one was against host Bulgaria 3:1. Here …
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Russia - Serbia (Highlights)18.09.2018
Serbia moves on to Varna for Round 2, where they'll be in Group H with Poland, France and Argentina. Russia will play in…
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China - Brazil (short cut)18.09.2018
The current Olympic champions had the control in three sets. Wallace de Souza scored 21 points for the winners. For Chin…
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Japan - Argentina (short cut)18.09.2018
Japan and Argentina played for the last ticket to the next round. Asian team claimed a dramatic 3:2 victory, but this is…
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Finland - Iran (short cut)18.09.2018
Iran beat Finalnd in five sets. Suomi now packs suitcases for a trip to Milan where they will play in Group E. Iranians …
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Argentina - Slovenia (short cut)17.09.2018
Incredible game in Florence. Mitja Gasparini was the top scorer for Slovenia with 19 points (17 attacks and 2 aces) as S…
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Australia - Tunisia (short cut)17.09.2018
Next round coming soon for Australia. They won against Tunisia 3:1 on Monday. Lincoln Alexander Williams scored 25 point…
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Brazil - Canada (short cut)17.09.2018
This is the first loss for Canada in WCH 2018. Team from Brazil played great volleyball. Wallace de Souza finished that …
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Iran - Poland (short cut)17.09.2018
Poland the remain unbeaten in Varna! Michał Kubiak was top scorer for Poland with 12 points. Nowakowski, Kurek and Szal…
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Russia - Cameroon (short cut)17.09.2018
Check out the best moments game Russia - Cameroon. Victor Poletaev, who scored 13 points, Volkov and Mikhaylov with 10 …
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Belgium - Dominican Republic (short cut)17.09.2018
Yesterday's easy win for Belgium in WCH 2018. On the press conference, Andrea Anastasi (coach of Belgium NR) said: "This…
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Egypt - Netherlands (short cut)17.09.2018
The Netherlands complete the Group B with 11 points and they now wait on what happens in other matches to see where they…
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Nimir Abdel-Aziz in match Netherlands - France16.09.2018
Nimir Abdel-Aziz was the best scorer with points! The players coached by Gido Vermeulen defeated the French team in fron…
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Netherlands - France (short cut)16.09.2018
Black horse of that tournament from the Netherlands! After Brazil, the Dutch team surprise France in a five-set thriller…
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Serbia - Australia (short cut)16.09.2018
Nikola Grbić's team showed a powerful service and block to chase the leader USA in the standings with same 10 points bu…
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Dominican Republic - Italy (short cut)16.09.2018
Good game for Italy. Osmany Juantorena scored 17 points. Gianlorenzo Blengini, Italy coach: said: "Some matches are tech…
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Cuba - Bulgaria (short cut)16.09.2018
Watch the highlights in yesterday's game at Palace of Culture and Sports. Home team won against Cuba 3:0. The result eli…
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Japan - Belgium (short cut)16.09.2018
On Sunday, Belgium defeated Japan 3:1. This way virtually securing their spot in the next round of the competition. Van …
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Cameroon - USA (short cut)16.09.2018
The clash between Cameroon and USA opened the fifth day of the tournament at PalaFlorio. Anderson and his teammates were…
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China - Egypt (short cut)16.09.2018
Highlights of battle for 5th place in Group B. Egypt won it 3:1. The captain Abdelhay led Egypt with 23 points. Chuan Ji…
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Sergio Mattarella President of Italy in the opening ceremony15.09.2018
Sergio Mattarella is an Italian politician, lawyer and judge serving as the 12th and current President of Italy since 20…
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USA - Russia (Highlights)15.09.2018
In the battle of the unbeaten, the Americans were better and reached the first place in Group C. Three American players:…
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Poland - Finland (short cut)15.09.2018
Defending champion won against Finland in front of more than 5500 Polish and Finnish fans cheering together in The Palac…
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Italy - Argentina (Highlights)15.09.2018
Italy confirmed their leadership in group A after securing the third victory in a row in the World Championship as they …
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Netherlands - Brazil (short cut)15.09.2018
After 52 years, the Dutch players won against Brazil. Watch the best actions! This was one of the most interesting match…
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Serbia - Tunisia (short cut)15.09.2018
Check out the best moments from this match in Bari. Among the players led by head coach Nikola Grbic, Drazen Luburic and…
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Belgium - Slovenia (short cut)15.09.2018
Slovenia came back from two sets down to amazing victory against Belgium! Alen Sket was by far the most valuable player…
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» Rosters 2018/19

Where they will play in next season?
Kacper Buczek
Joan Llanes Díaz
Diego Bonini
Adrián Olalla
Edson Valencia
Vitaliy Mosov
Wilham Wanderson Gonçalves
Dawid Sokołowski
Clément Daniel
Mateusz Zarankiewicz
Jesús Chourio
Gian Luca Ruggieri
Diego Villotti
Sylwester Kasjaniuk
Oliwier Kubacki
Paweł Burczak
Leonardo Plaza Gandini
Sergey Makarov
João Pedro Lima Pinto
Dawid Jonda
Janusz Guzdek
Oliver Kimber
Aleksander Niczke
Robert Seppanen
Luis Bertran
Matteo Martino
Daniel Muñoz
Raško Jovanović
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» Scorebox
Men Champions League 2018/19
Men Italian Serie A1 2018/19
Men Russian Superleague 2018/19
Men CEV Cup 2018/19
Men Brazilian Superliga 2018/19
Men Plusliga 2018/19
Men French Ligue A 2018/19
Men Deutsche Volleyball-Bundesliga 2018/19

2018-10-08-17-00, 1st round
2 : 3
2018-10-09-17-00, 1st round
0 : 3
2018-10-09-18-15, 1st round
3 : 0
2018-10-09-18-30, 1st round
2 : 3
2018-10-10-16-00, 1st round
0 : 3
2018-10-10-16-30, 1st round
2 : 3
2018-10-10-17-00, 1st round
1 : 3
2018-10-11-17-00, 1st round
1 : 3
2018-10-16-16-00, 1st round
3 : 1
2018-10-17-15-00, 1st round
3 : 1
2018-10-17-16-00, 1st round
3 : 0
2018-10-17-17-00, 1st round
2 : 3
2018-10-17-18-00, 1st round
3 : 0
2018-10-17-18-25, 1st round
2 : 3
2018-10-17-18-30, 1st round
3 : 1
2018-10-17-18-30, 1st round
3 : 0
2018-10-23-17-00, 2nd round
2018-10-23-18-15, 2nd round
2018-10-24-16-00, 2nd round
2018-10-24-17-00, 2nd round
2018-10-30-19-30, 2nd round
2018-10-31-16-00, 2nd round
2018-10-31-19-25, 2nd round
2018-10-31-19-30, 2nd round

» Players looking for a club (93)

Marjan Spasic
Eric Girard
Ilouoni Ngampourou
Nemanja Miljkovic
José Mulero
Joseph Norman
Yi Yao Tan
Miguel Angelo Brito Alves
Collins Okoth
Santiago Álvarez
Tobias French
Ofek Molcho
Evander Fernandes
Yurii Kalynskiy
Rafael Albornoz
Artur Sabynich
Kristijan Šućur
Auffray Amaury
Pedro Moreira
Patryk Szymański
Youssef Sallam
Matej Ivić
Kyrylo Klochko
Zach Melcher
Martin Ivanov
Radoslav Smatrakalev
Michał Moniak
Meysam Heidari
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