Brazil - USA (Highlights)28.09.2018
It was USA's very first defeat in the competition, after a run of nine straight wins. This leaves no team with a perfect…
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Brazil - USA (short cut)28.09.2018
Both had already qualified to the semifinals and the result only served to determine who finished first and who second. …
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USA - Russia (Highlights)27.09.2018
USA beat Russia 3:0 in the Final Six of World Championship and threw the Russians out of the tournament! 9 wins out of 9…
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USA - Russia (short cut)27.09.2018
USA and Brazil claimed the first two tickets to the semifinals of the World Championships 2018. Russia lost the second g…
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Italy - Serbia (Highlights)26.09.2018
Serbia won it in three sets. Uros Kovacevic said: "We have a fantastic energy when we fight together, for each other: to…
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Nikolay Uchikov one-hand block23.09.2018
During the tie-break of the match between Bulgaria and Canada (2:3) Nikolay Uchikov made a magical one-hand block. Enjoy…
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Italy - Serbia (short cut)26.09.2018
A shocking start for Italy as the hosts of the World Championship Final Six. Serbia now have a chance to find a place i…
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Brazil - Russia (Highlights)26.09.2018
Great clash of superstars that gave the fans in Turin a significant taste of the Final Six: Brazil and Russia opened the…
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Bruno Rezende before the 3rd round in WCH 201826.09.2018
Here's Bruninho Rezende's, team captain of Brazil thoughts on the team's success to Round 3 and what the championship me…
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Douglas Souza in World Championships 201826.09.2018
Douglas Souza Da Siva was a consistent high-scorer during the Round 2 matches and had efficiently performed together wit…
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Best actions in WCH 2018 (2nd round)26.09.2018
Collection of the best actions in the second round. All teams played their best and volleyball stars showed their power …
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Thijs ter Horst in World Championship 201825.09.2018
The Dutch Thijs ter Horst who is tall outside spiker led his team to the 9th place in the World Championship. Thijs' att…
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One volleyball player (Burkhard Sude) against six25.09.2018
Part of TV show which present battle between one volleyball player: Burkhard Sude (who was part of current German Champi…
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USA - Iran (short cut)23.09.2018
Despite playing with the second squad USA won for the eighth time in a row completing its second perfect round. The Amer…
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Bulgaria - Canada (short cut)23.09.2018
Bulgaria’s end to the World Championship was bitter as co-hosts lost 2:3 to Canada failing to get a revenge for the dr…
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Slovenia - Australia (short cut)23.09.2018
Highlights of an exciting match between Slovenia and Australia. Luke Smith led all scorers with 21 points. Australia fin…
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France - Argentina (short cut)23.09.2018
Les Bleus overpowered Argentina 3:1. Earvin N'Gapeth scored 28 points. Kevin Tillie added 15 points. For Argentina Agus…
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Foot-volleyball by France22.09.2018
Do you believe what you see? France won a point after two foot touches in a row! It is not a surprise that France is a W…
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Italy - Netherlands (Highlights)23.09.2018
Battle between Italy and Netherlands closed the second round of the WCH 2018. Luigi Randazzo was the man of the match wi…
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Belgium - Brazil (Highlights)23.09.2018
Brazil came back from 0:2 to 3:2 in their last match in the second round. Canarinhos will travel to Turin, in order to p…
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Russia - Finland (Highlights)23.09.2018
Team from Russia was unbeaten in the second round. Sborna won with Finland 3:0 on Sunday in Milan to secure their partic…
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Poland - Serbia (Highlights)23.09.2018
Amazing the return of the champion! Poland will have the opportunity to defend the title in Turin! They overpowered Serb…
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Serbia - Argentina (Highlights)22.09.2018
Serbia continued their amazing volleyball. With this victory Serbia is on the first place in Group H with 17 points befo…
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Slovenia - Brazil (short cut)22.09.2018
More than 5000 fans enjoyed the show during the second day in Group F at PalaDozza in Bologna – and much to the deligh…
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Valentin Bratoev asking for a ball21.09.2018
That's a spirit every volleyball attacker should have - Valentin Bratoev wants that the setter sets the ball to him alth…
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Russia - Italy (Highlights)22.09.2018
The "Clash of the Titans" featuring Italy and Russia was the major highlight of the second competition day in Milan. Sti…
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Bulgaria - USA (short cut)22.09.2018
USA qualified for the third round of the World Championship with amazing victory over co-hosts Bulgaria in three sets. D…
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Netherlands - Finland (short cut)22.09.2018
Highlights from the match between the Netherlands and Finland. MVP of the game was spiker Nimir Abdel-Aziz who scored 22…
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Australia - Belgium (short cut)22.09.2018
Andrea Anastasi's team is back to the victory and you should take some minutes to enjoy the highlights. The ‘men of th…
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Iran - Canada (Highlights)22.09.2018
The result eliminated Asians from the World Championship while Canada is still in the running for the second place in Gr…
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» Rosters 2018/19

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Martin Portillo
Milan Peric
Damian Parkitny
Andrey Ivannikov
Ayoub Dekkiche
Sergio Diaconescu
Choi Min-Ho
Michał Włostowski
Konrad Kotas
Bartosz Kisieliwicz
Kamil Januszewski
Przemysław Mazur
Andrej Patuc
Hudson Rocha Ventura
Krzysztof Ferek
Andrea Bari
Łukasz Pietrzak
Daisuke Yako
Levan Kalandadze
Ionuț Teleleu
Santeri Välimaa
Aleksander Niczke
Stef Van Heyste
Jhoser Contreras
Loris Manià
Cristian Imhoff
Adrian Romać
Andrei Dan Grigoras
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Men Champions League 2018/19
Men Italian Serie A1 2018/19
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Men CEV Cup 2018/19
Men Brazilian Superliga 2018/19
Men Plusliga 2018/19
Men French Ligue A 2018/19
Men Deutsche Volleyball-Bundesliga 2018/19

2018-10-08-17-00, 1st round
2 : 3
2018-10-09-17-00, 1st round
0 : 3
2018-10-09-18-15, 1st round
3 : 0
2018-10-09-18-30, 1st round
2 : 3
2018-10-10-16-00, 1st round
0 : 3
2018-10-10-16-30, 1st round
2 : 3
2018-10-10-17-00, 1st round
1 : 3
2018-10-11-17-00, 1st round
1 : 3
2018-10-16-16-00, 1st round
3 : 1
2018-10-17-15-00, 1st round
3 : 1
2018-10-17-16-00, 1st round
3 : 0
2018-10-17-17-00, 1st round
2 : 3
2018-10-17-18-00, 1st round
3 : 0
2018-10-17-18-25, 1st round
2018-10-17-18-30, 1st round
3 : 1
2018-10-17-18-30, 1st round
3 : 0

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Marjan Spasic
Eric Girard
Ilouoni Ngampourou
Nemanja Miljkovic
José Mulero
Joseph Norman
Yi Yao Tan
Miguel Angelo Brito Alves
Collins Okoth
Viktor Sysoev
Santiago Álvarez
Tobias French
Ofek Molcho
Evander Fernandes
Yurii Kalynskiy
Rafael Albornoz
Artur Sabynich
Kristijan Šućur
Auffray Amaury
Pedro Moreira
Patryk Szymański
Youssef Sallam
Matej Ivić
Kyrylo Klochko
Zach Melcher
Martin Ivanov
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Michał Moniak
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