Poland - We Are The Champions [2014 / 2018]16.10.2018
Poland defended their world title, defeating the reigning olympic champions Brazil in straight sets at a repeat of the 2…
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Lighting failure in match Stocznia Szczecin - Trefl Gdańsk15.10.2018
The hosts were trying to fix it for almost three hours, but they didn’t manage to do it. There was 5000 fans. The new…
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Belogorie Belgorod - Gazprom Surgut (full match)14.10.2018
Men Russian Superleague 2018/19 Russian Superleague 2018/19, regular season - 1st round
The home team turned out to be stronger and won it 3:0. John Perrin played great volleyball and made a lot of difficulti…
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Kieone Padova - Lube Banca Macerata (short cut)14.10.2018
Men Italian Serie A1 2018/19 Italian Serie A1 2018/19, regular season - 1st round
Lube show how the best shape in the beginning of the season. They won without loosing any sets with Kieone Padova. Only …
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Sir Safety Perugia - Top Volley Latina (short cut)14.10.2018
Men Italian Serie A1 2018/19 Italian Serie A1 2018/19, regular season - 1st round
Team from Perugia opened the season in Serie A1 in a good way. Wilfredo Leon led the reigning champions Perugia with 17 …
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Simone Anzani in VNL 201814.10.2018
Simone Anzani during the Volleyball Nations League 2018. In last season, he was the highest-rated middle-blocker in Seri…
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Skibidi Challenge15.10.2018
Zenit Kazan took part in the Skibidi Challenge flashmob. See how Alexander Butko, Vadym Likhosherstov, Maxim Mikhaylov, …
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Isac Santos in VNL 201815.10.2018
Isac is a young promise in the middle blocker position who was lapidated since the youth teams by Rubinho – Brazil’s…
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Volleyball to Remember: Bulgaria (1980 - 2006)14.10.2018
Through the years Bulgaria had several brilliant teams and a handful of world-class skillful players. Between 1980 and 2…
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Benjamin Patch in VNL 201812.10.2018
There are shots from matches of USA against Bulgaria, Japan, Argentina, Poland and France. His team finished on the 3rd …
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Valentin Bratoev in VNL 201809.10.2018
Some nice moments by the wing-spiker: Valentin Bratoev who decided to stop playing for the national team in 2015, but th…
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Haku Ri in VNL 201811.10.2018
One of the shortest middles in volleyball: Haku Ri (194cm). Amazing how creatively they use him. He scored 110 points in…
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Simon Hirsch in VNL 201809.10.2018
The mighty jumper Simon Hirsch should be the follower of Georg Grozer and Jochen Schöps on the important opposite posit…
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Konstantin Bakun in VNL 201810.10.2018
Konstantin Bakun moved to Lokomotiv Novosibirsk. See his great spikes in VNL 2018. He is a Ukrainian (until 2010) and Ru…
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Big mistake by referees (Piacenza - Trentino)17.11.2016
Men Italian Serie A1 2016/17 Italian Serie A1 2016/17, regular season - 5th round
Huge mistake of referees during exciting game between Piacenza and Trentino in season 2016/17. Look at challenge system …
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Łukasz Ciupa in Slovakian Extraliga 2017/1810.10.2018
Best actions from 17/18 matches from Slovakian Extraliga when TJ Slavia Svidnik had 2nd place in Slovakian Cup and 3rd p…
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Setter Explained: Fabian Drzyzga10.10.2018
Poland won the World Championship for a second time in a row. A significant role for this great success played the sette…
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Nicholas Hoag in VNL 201810.10.2018
Nicholas Hoag was a member of the squad that finished 7th place in that tournament. Now he is a player of Stocznia Gda…
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Volleyball Defense08.10.2018
What are the general team defense concepts in volleyball? What are the specifics of the positioning of the players in ba…
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Zenit Kazan uniform 2018/19 season09.10.2018
Volleyball players Zenit Kazan took part in the challenge from Kanye West #iloveitchallenge removing a parody of his tra…
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Join prediction games in season 2018/19!09.10.2018
Four prediction games starts in that month! You could join that games now. Participation is free. Only registered users …
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Poland after WCH 201808.10.2018
World Championship 2018 concluded in Turin, Italy at the end of September, with Poland retaining their title from four y…
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Trentino Volley - Modena Volley (SET5)07.10.2018
Only the best actions in tie-break. Modena played at a really high level, smashing the rival (15:8). Ivan Zaytsev was th…
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Sir Safety Perugia - Lube Banca Macerata (Highlights)07.10.2018
Men Italian SuperCup 2018/19 Italian SuperCup 2018/19, 3rd place match
Sir Safety Perugia disappointed their fans for the second in a row at "PalaEvangelisti". In a game for the third place o…
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Lube Banca Macerata - Modena Volley (Highlights)06.10.2018
Best actions by Modena Volley players in saturday's game against Lube Banca Macerata. Ivan Zaystev was unstoppable. He w…
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Uroš Kovačević in VNL 201808.10.2018
Highlights from the Volleyball Nations League 2018. Uroš Kovačević has a spike of 340 cm and block of 310 cm. He has …
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Bartosz Kurek in World Championships 201807.10.2018
Our hero- Bartosz Kurek, he really deserve to be MVP. I thought he will never back on same level like in past, but he di…
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Leadership in Volleyball07.10.2018
Who are the greatest leaders in the history of volleyball? What are the characteristics of a leader? What qualities are …
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Dmitry Volkov in VNL 201804.10.2018
Captain Dmitry Volkov was the main man for the Russian team. He got "Best Receiver" award. Sborna won over hosts France …
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Osmany Juantorena in VNL 201802.10.2018
Quick spikes by Cuban-born Italian player. That was bad season in national team. His team took 8th place in VNL and fini…
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» Rosters 2018/19

Where they will play in next season?
Nemanja Jakovljević
Dmytro Storozhylov
Miguel Pimpão
Radoslav Popov
Aleksi Mutka
Jakub Petras
Joan Perelló
Mateusz Grodzicki
Łukasz Lewicki
Mateusz Szyporta
Kamil Kosz
Javier Vega
Juraj Zatko
Igor Stelmaszczyk
Wojciech Iwanowicz
Thomas Carmody
Juan Díaz-Romeral
Ahmed Abdelaal
Mihai Gheorghita
Tomasz Józefacki
Konrad Bączek
Łukasz Pietrzak
Damian Parkitny
Luis Bertran
Roman Brühwiler
Ayoub Dekkiche
Andrej Flajs
Rafał Łojewski
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» Scorebox
Men Champions League 2018/19
Men Italian Serie A1 2018/19
Men Russian Superleague 2018/19
Men CEV Cup 2018/19
Men Brazilian Superliga 2018/19
Men Plusliga 2018/19
Men French Ligue A 2018/19
Men Deutsche Volleyball-Bundesliga 2018/19

2018-10-08-17-00, 1st round
2 : 3
2018-10-09-17-00, 1st round
0 : 3
2018-10-09-18-15, 1st round
3 : 0
2018-10-09-18-30, 1st round
2 : 3
2018-10-10-16-00, 1st round
0 : 3
2018-10-10-16-30, 1st round
2 : 3
2018-10-10-17-00, 1st round
1 : 3
2018-10-11-17-00, 1st round
1 : 3
2018-10-16-16-00, 1st round
3 : 1
2018-10-17-15-00, 1st round
3 : 1
2018-10-17-16-00, 1st round
3 : 0
2018-10-17-17-00, 1st round
2 : 3
2018-10-17-18-00, 1st round
3 : 0
2018-10-17-18-25, 1st round
2 : 3
2018-10-17-18-30, 1st round
3 : 1
2018-10-17-18-30, 1st round
3 : 0
2018-10-23-17-00, 2nd round
2018-10-23-18-15, 2nd round
2018-10-24-16-00, 2nd round
2018-10-24-17-00, 2nd round
2018-10-30-19-30, 2nd round
2018-10-31-16-00, 2nd round
2018-10-31-19-25, 2nd round
2018-10-31-19-30, 2nd round

» Players looking for a club (93)

Marjan Spasic
Eric Girard
Ilouoni Ngampourou
Nemanja Miljkovic
José Mulero
Joseph Norman
Yi Yao Tan
Miguel Angelo Brito Alves
Collins Okoth
Santiago Álvarez
Tobias French
Ofek Molcho
Evander Fernandes
Yurii Kalynskiy
Rafael Albornoz
Artur Sabynich
Kristijan Šućur
Auffray Amaury
Pedro Moreira
Patryk Szymański
Youssef Sallam
Matej Ivić
Kyrylo Klochko
Zach Melcher
Martin Ivanov
Radoslav Smatrakalev
Michał Moniak
Meysam Heidari
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