Take a look at this movie! Great set by Nicolás Uriarte and huge spike by Guillaume Samica. Best action in tournament. Wing-spiker of France NT is now player of Buenos Aires Unidos. His team lost the final match in three sets (-20, -20, -21). added 18:55 04/12/2012 in Actions, place 713/13095
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Player: Guillaume Samica
Date: 29.10.2012
Place: "Alejo Gronda" Hall, ? (ARG)
Match: UPCN Voley Club - Buenos Aires Unidos 3:0 (Final)
Kind of tournament: Copa ACLAV 2012
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xandreopoulos GR 3 years ago
great attack!!
Toto EG 5 years ago
The Spiker didn't make sth incredible, it's the blockers mistake, if he was in the position for sure it will be taken as a killing block.
John17 FR 5 years ago
..and still powerfull
Karen91 PL 5 years ago
Incredible Milinkovic still plays !
John17 FR 5 years ago
Please Wilfredo, post only useful comments !
Wilfredo_is_Marshall RS 5 years ago
Do all clubs play on sport court?

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