Legendary 131 km/h shot by Georg Grozer on the serve during semi-final match in World Championships 2014. Probably record of that tournament. Polish libero Paweł Zatorski received that ball well. Some volleyball fans thought that Germany plays in Final Four only by luck, but in the last two matches they proved that they deserve to be among four best teams in the world. added 22:03 19/11/2014 in Actions, place 2496/13230
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Player: Georg Grozer
Date: 20.09.2014
Place: "Spodek" Hall, Katowice (POL)
Match: Germany - Poland 1:3 (semi-final)
Kind of tournament: World Championships 2014

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scorpio111888 PL 4 years ago
Brilliant serve... amazing speed, but Wlazły's answer - perfect in every detail
Mikko_Oivanen PL 4 years ago
Rekord nad rekordy.
Mikko_Oivanen PL 4 years ago
Rekord .. Co tu dużo mówić


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