Giants Taubaté and Cruzeiro in second game of the Brazilian Superliga 2017/18 play-off semi-finals. Wallace de Souza scored 26 points (2 aces, 3 kill blocks) for Taubaté. Taubaté leads the series (2:0) and if wins another match against Sada, Wallace's team will play the finals. Duel of two world class coaches from Argentina: Marcelo Méndez (Sada Cruzeiro) and Daniel Castellani (Funvic Taubaté). added 12:00 14/04/2018 in Matches, place 12194/13215
2018-04-10-22-00, Brazilian Superliga 2017/18 semi-final - 2nd match
Ginásio Abaete , Taubaté

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marciovolley Brasilia, Brazil

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