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Poland will play at the national stadium in the World League 2013 against Brazil?

Poland will play at the national stadium in the World League 2013 against Brazil? The Polish Volleyball Federation has unveiled an ambitious plan to stage its June FIVB World League matches against Brazil at the National Stadium in Warsaw.

The idea is still in its formative stages. On Friday, Polish national team coach Andrea Anastasi visited the stadium along with his assistant coach Andrea Gardini. Anastasi and Gardini inspected the stadium and its facilities to assess the viability of playing a volleyball match there. "Organizing a volleyball match at the National Stadium is a great idea" - commented coach of Polish NT: Andrea Anastasi.

"It will be an amazing performance. I really want to play here, even though I realize it will not be an easy task from an organizational point of view. I like the stadium.
We have been in the stands and the visibility is really good" - said on Friday Andrea Anastasi.

The next step is to arrange a test match at the stadium (match will be held on January), which could pave the way for the June Poland - Brazil match to be watched by around 60000 spectators.

Poland's National Stadium was completed in November 2011 and was used as a venue in the Euro 2012 football tournament. It also hosts theatre performances and rock concerts.

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s-w-o_pl PL 5 years ago 0
raylight BG 5 years ago +3
I wasn't ironic. Poland and Russia drive volley up lately- Poland with the interest of the public and Russia with money. This site is also an example for the passion for volleyball in Poland.
tomi92 PL 5 years ago +1
Sllaveq.. a-capela singing 11.500 fans, Katowice http://www.youtub.../watch?v=TSpEBBwkpPc
in national stadium 48.000 fans http://www.youtub.../watch?v=lU86Jdv1-F4
Sllaveq BG 5 years ago +7
Oh... I envy the people who will be there to see the big match at the big stadion... I'm sure it will be awesome..I know polands sing their anthem a-capela... pf 50 000 singing Mazurka Dabrawskiego..hohoho!
raylight BG 5 years ago 0
Poland does help volleyball
vatreni ME 5 years ago +9
Poland doing great job for vball like sport. not only in this case...
tomi92 PL 5 years ago +1
Someone..hehehe funny joke ;p. http://www.youtub.../watch?v=fywEnhsu-b0
Someone PL 5 years ago +1
We'll see.


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