Looking for a player...

Looking for a player...

Hi there, I am looking for a male player. He is Italian, bold (if I remember correctly), not very tall (if I remember correctly). I only saw him play once. It was about the late 90s, he was representing Italy. It might be the World Championship or Olympics, not sure.

He was a serve specialist. Very unique serves. I recall his run-up during a serve is not a staight line but a curve or even a s-shape. And apparently his serves are very deadly.

Anyone knows who this is? And maybe there are some video clips of his?

Thank you!

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sherifshebl EG 4 years ago +2
Sartoretti has a unique style playing his serve ..when he was young he used to train in a very small hall thats why he takes a side steps in his serve style..
Michaelcretu US 4 years ago +1
Thank you guys! Sartoretti it is! My life just got more complete!
It's always interesting to see how memory exaggerates things... He was definitely not bald (lol I had a typo in the original post, had bold there instead of bald, guess that "wrong" clue actually helped), but you can tell from his hair that he has the potential of being bald when getting older (I bet he is now!); his run-up is probably not a straight line but definitely not a s-shape:) Must be the way he turns his body got into my mind that made me think he runs a S!
Anyway what a great and special player!!
gonzo17 AU 4 years ago +2
Someone PL 4 years ago +2
I remember two players who have strong serve and that approach: Andrea Sartoretti and Angel Denis, but the second one haven't play in Italian NT.

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